Say What? Sew what?

{May 24, 2011}   Long time

again.  I’ve been busy as heck with the weather warming up, have gotten minor sewing done, nothing huge.  I’ve been also job hunting like a madman.  My savings is about depleted and I need to be working in like 2 weeks to make sure it doesn’t go in the red.  But that is another rant. =)

Anywho, proud mommy moment!!  My oldest got voted (10 out of 22 kids voted for her) Best Dress in her class!!!! =)  Completely fabulous, considering the majority of her wardrobe is actually thrifted, with some of my originals thrown in and some refashions too. =)  And this actually makes me feel really good, because when I was growing up I was always picked on about how I was dressed–we were poor so I wore whatever Mom could afford or could sew together for me.  This has lead me to make sure that my kids dress well on a budget.  I’m picky when I shop–only new or like new items, clearance, or some super sale around Christmas time.  I rarely ever, ever pay full price for anything that comes in this house.  So, the fact that she got voted best dressed tickles me to death, especially since kids are cruel and, let’s face it, superficial.

And on the thrifting front…I found yards and yards of this blue striped silky material for $5 today!!  I’ve been wanting to make a duvet cover for my comforter and this material is perfect!  It matches the beautiful brocade pillows I picked up last month being thrifty!  So, I’m going to be adding a duvet cover to my to do list. =)  I also got a plum colored NWT floor length formal skirt, a knee length pink formal dress, a long blue plaid skirt and a short beaded skirt for fifty cents a piece!  The pink skirt I’m going to redo into a pink princess dress for Diva M for her birthday in 2 weeks, the plaid skirt will be perfect for shorts for the boys, the beaded skirt is perfect for a purse and the plum skirt is added to my materials for Hallowe’en costumes. =)

And speaking of score, I got 3 bottles of deodorant for six cents a piece today.  Suave ws on sale for 1.06 at Krogers, this week’s paper had fifty cents off and Kroger’s doubles coupons…so six cents!!! =)

I also have a job interview tomorrow!!!  This is the job I want, but if this doesn’t pan out I also have gotten an offer to work at a daycare in either the 2 year old room or 3 year old room. =) So, 2 totally different paths, but I need a job and both are things I’m good at–office work and taking care of kids.

Lovely day!!


{April 22, 2011}   T-Minus 3 days…

Well, Easter in 3 days.  I have 2 dresses almost done–they just need buttons and the boys’ shirts done.  I just started cutting Diva A’s dress and ran into a bit of an issue…I should’ve cut the skirt first, but I will see how long what I have is on her and if it’s not to short, it’ll work.  But if it’s too short, I’ll have to add a band at the bottom.  Oh, well…it happens.

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been busy spring cleaning, taking care of kiddos, playing outside and life in general.  I’ve done several odd sewing jobs that have kept me busy.  I’ve had some fabulous thrift store finds–new living room curtains with 2 matching pillows. The curtains aren’t quite wide enough for the window, but it works and I love the light blue and chocolate combination.  I found a fabulous plum colored infinite dress–one of those dresses where you can where it a ton of ways, it’s all in how you wrap the ties, brand new with tags!! And, 4-5 yards of this beautiful brown polka dot silky material that is calling out to be made into a vintage style dress for me.

Now, I forget what I was going to write, Mommy brain I suppose is getting to me. =)

Without further ado, here are the Easter items I have finished (well, almost finished):

{February 28, 2011}   Thrifty Monday

Love Tag Sales!  Today at the GW, they were having a fifty cent tag sale!  Yup, I had to hunt a bit for yellow tags, but I spent a grand total of $8.48, which I totaled up the tags and it could’ve been $70.64.  I got a black velour hoodie, silver ruffle top, 2 dresses for me that I have been eyeballing in there, pair of pants for Little Man, 2 Little Girl dresses, a sheer top, 2 tops for Diva A, pr of shorts for Little Man, shirt for LM, skirt for me, cardigan for me and a leopard print chemise for me (me-ow, new with tags).

Here’s my pile:

=)  Thrifty finds!

Lots of love,


{January 17, 2011}   Thrifty Saturdays…

Bored on a Saturday, so I pack the kids up and head on over to Goodwill for their 50% off days.  Total scores!!!!  For $20ish dollars, I purchased the following:  One like new Croft and Barrel suede coat for me, a denim skirt for Diva A, a sweater dress for the little girls, a purple peasant blouse for the girls, 2 shirts for little dude, a brand new hoodie for the little girls, a men’s short sleeve button shirt that I loved the fabric design to make a dress for the little girls and two brand new floor length evening skirts (purchased for their fabrics, hey for $2/each I can’t buy the fabric for that price!!).  I love thrifting, it’s a treasure hunt for sure!!

{December 21, 2010}   Manic Monday…

Well, not really, but it seemed to be others.  The Monday before Christmas.  But I did a little thrifty shopping today.  Went to Kohl’s first thing and then headed to Goodwill.  And got all this for 32 and change:

2 plastic totes for Diva S and Diva M (They share a room and have thus far shared almost ALL toys, but as they are getting older and it’s Christmas and they’ve been bickering–a special tote for their special new toys); a walking/talking Toy Story Rex; pair of snow boots for Prince S; pr of slacks for stepson; cute red 3/4 sleeve coat for Diva A; Little People’s Noah’s Ark; Xylophone; Little People Dinosaur set; caterpillar toy thing; some toy from Parents; and another toy to stick to a high chair tray or something.  So, yes, I found the beloved (and inexpensive) T-Rex for Prince S!!  And a bunch of baby toys for Liam who was sorely lacking on the Christmas gift front.

I have a feeling my house is going to look like a toy store threw up in here come Christmas morning.  Oh well!!!

So it’s been a successful, thrifty sort of day!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas.

{April 22, 2010}   Score!!

Huge score today!!!  I found an ad on Craigslist for 79 vintage patterns for $15!!!  Yup folk, FIFTEEN BUCKS!!!!  Happy Dance!!  Some of them haven’t even been cut or unfolded!!!  Dates seem to range from 67-80!  When I get a few moments, I will start sorting through them and see which ones are complete, etc.  (I have a sinus headache right now and can’t seem to stare at things for too long with out getting shooting pains).

I made a 20min skirt last night.  Took a 99cent thrifted skirt 2 sizes too big, cut off the too huge waist band (and scratchy material) and added a 3″elastic waist band to wear during my pregnancy.  Fits well, but it is really gathered and makes me look a tad wide.  However, it does make me look like I have a butt and hips…so I must decide if it’s something I’ll be wearing or not.

I’ll be making 3 tie shirts for my dear friend.  She asked me to do one for her two sons and one for a really close friend of her’s daughter.  So we went through the stash and found the perfect material.  I need to prewash the white tees I bought yesterday and then whip them out for Sunday’s birthday event!

My niece is having a girl!  She found out 2 days ago and my SIL finds out tomorrow, and last as always I will find out in a week.  I have so many ideas for baby stuff!  But then I realized I need to rein that in for a few weeks and make Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and Teacher Appreciation Day (or week–that part confuses me).  I have 1 2nd grade teacher and my Pre-K’er has 3 teachers.  So I must figure out what to make or craft up…

Well, crap…Idol is butchering one of my all time favorite songs “Stairway to Heaven.”  I must change this…it’s a classic. Why don’t they do “Freebyrd” while they’re at it…Effers.

Happy Sewing and Lots of Love!!

Success, or at least I think so.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. A friend of mine asked me to come up with a gift for a 2 year old girl that was funky and earthy, but not too girly.  The child loves Yo Gabba Gabba.  Think. Think. Think.  A messenger bag!  I made one for my 4 yr old son to carry his cars in, based on mmmcrafts’ tutorial ( So, I racked my brain.  A trip to Goodwill to find just the right materials.  I found one child’s hoodie with orange terry fuzz in the hood and one earthy green silk skirt.  Then rummaging thru my stash at home, I found one prom skirt that was a peachy orangy pinky color that would be perfect.  So here’s the before and after.  My machine and I had an argument last night and I had to step away, but I cleaned it today and now we’re back on each other’s good sides.

close up at the materials

the bag

The inside, four pockets for whatever her little heart desires.

back pocket with the sequins from the bottom hem of the skirt

Now what to sew next??  I have to do 2 birthday crowns for upcoming first birthdays for friends…  I also think I’m going to do a black and white with red accent type of baby quilt for my Little B.  I’m kind of tired of seeing overtly girl and overtly boyish stuff, so I want something a little different.

Well off to bed now!  I cannot wait to hear how the little girl likes her bag.

Lots of love!

et cetera