Say What? Sew what?

{May 24, 2011}   Long time

again.  I’ve been busy as heck with the weather warming up, have gotten minor sewing done, nothing huge.  I’ve been also job hunting like a madman.  My savings is about depleted and I need to be working in like 2 weeks to make sure it doesn’t go in the red.  But that is another rant. =)

Anywho, proud mommy moment!!  My oldest got voted (10 out of 22 kids voted for her) Best Dress in her class!!!! =)  Completely fabulous, considering the majority of her wardrobe is actually thrifted, with some of my originals thrown in and some refashions too. =)  And this actually makes me feel really good, because when I was growing up I was always picked on about how I was dressed–we were poor so I wore whatever Mom could afford or could sew together for me.  This has lead me to make sure that my kids dress well on a budget.  I’m picky when I shop–only new or like new items, clearance, or some super sale around Christmas time.  I rarely ever, ever pay full price for anything that comes in this house.  So, the fact that she got voted best dressed tickles me to death, especially since kids are cruel and, let’s face it, superficial.

And on the thrifting front…I found yards and yards of this blue striped silky material for $5 today!!  I’ve been wanting to make a duvet cover for my comforter and this material is perfect!  It matches the beautiful brocade pillows I picked up last month being thrifty!  So, I’m going to be adding a duvet cover to my to do list. =)  I also got a plum colored NWT floor length formal skirt, a knee length pink formal dress, a long blue plaid skirt and a short beaded skirt for fifty cents a piece!  The pink skirt I’m going to redo into a pink princess dress for Diva M for her birthday in 2 weeks, the plaid skirt will be perfect for shorts for the boys, the beaded skirt is perfect for a purse and the plum skirt is added to my materials for Hallowe’en costumes. =)

And speaking of score, I got 3 bottles of deodorant for six cents a piece today.  Suave ws on sale for 1.06 at Krogers, this week’s paper had fifty cents off and Kroger’s doubles coupons…so six cents!!! =)

I also have a job interview tomorrow!!!  This is the job I want, but if this doesn’t pan out I also have gotten an offer to work at a daycare in either the 2 year old room or 3 year old room. =) So, 2 totally different paths, but I need a job and both are things I’m good at–office work and taking care of kids.

Lovely day!!


{February 27, 2011}   Been Busy!

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted.  But it’s been a whirlwind of birthday parties, another round of illness and life in general.  I’ve sewn my niece’s baby blanket (6 months late, oops sorry!), a skirt with matching doll for a friend’s daughter and today was a dress for SIL’s daughter upcycled from a onesie and some matching material.  Pictures of the blanket, skirt and doll; however, I am in the process of whipping up a quick tutorial for the onesie dress.

Simple square quilt top, 6″ squares, 5X6 squares.  The skirt is a take on Dana’s Market Skirt and the doll is something I made for Diva S last year and brought out the pattern for another birthday girl.

This weekend has been a treasure hunt.  Went to thrift stores and consignment shops on the hunt.  Somethings that stand out in my head are $2 for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” $4 for 3 Lemon Snickett books for Diva A, $2 for a sky blue formal skirt that I can see being a Cinderella dress in the near future, $1 for a gold chain belt for me, and then today was a bag sale at a children’s consignment shop–Liam scored big for next year and I found 5 or 6 leotards for Diva M and Diva S’s dress up bucket.  Oh and I found a brand new pair of Sketcher pull on tennis shoes for Little Man for $6 for next school year and Diva A a like new pair of slip on ballet flats.

I’ve been in the process of purging out unnecessary junk from the house and it’s been wonderful!  I have several bags of junk out in the garage ready to get donated and several other bags of kids’ clothes ready to be set out for a garage sale when the weather breaks.

A close friend of mine brought me a beautiful orange sherbert skirt to use for material for the girls’ Easter dress and since then I’ve been plotting Easter dresses and outfits for the kiddos.  I think Little Man and Little Dude need matching t-shirts this year.  Well, not matchy matchy, maybe a bowtie for Little Dude, since Little Man requested a pointy tie.

I had a job interview on Friday for a legal secretary position.  I think I did fabulous, so we shall see.  If anything it gave me the confidence to go back out there and get a job.  I can do this!  I can’t just sit on my buttinski for the rest of my life.

Little Man, Little Dude and Diva S had their physicals in the last two weeks.  Little Dude was 6 months exactly on his physical and was 24lbs, 11 oz and 28.75″ long (off the charts for a normal 6 mo old); Little Man, 5 yr old, is 43.5″ and 39.5lbs–50-75% for height and 25-50% for his weight; and, Diva S, 4 yr old, is 42.5″ and 41lbs–90-95% for both.  So all are doing well and the pedi exclaimed over how well behaved my children are and to keep up the good work.  I told her they knew they had lollipops in the van waiting for them based on their behavior–my trick to make it through shots and dr’s visits.  Bribery works in some situations, dr’s visits being one of them.

Diva A got sick…man sick.  But she did actually have an ear infection and was quite dramatic when they flushed her ear out.  She also had waxy build up in her middle ear.  So, yes the tears were abundant at that appointment.  She is still milking the “my ear hurts” statement, but I ask her if it really does and do we need to go back and it magically seems to feel better.  I wouldn’t ask her if it really does, but she brings it up when I ask her to clean her room.  I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, child.

Diva M has been doing smashingly in school–I’m so proud of her, I was getting worried about her progress.  We, uh, had a break through during a homework session a couple weeks ago.  I was told by her teacher that if she gets frustrated not to push the homework session past ten minutes.  Well, well, my diva figured out that if she cries, pouts and acts discouraged long enough I will tell her enough’s enough, go play.  Hmmmmm, fast forward to progress reports–“I am concerned about her progress.” writes her teacher.  Well, no shit Sherlock–you told me not to push it at home!!!!  Diva M would “shut down” whenever something remotely educational would get started.  Hmmmmm…listened to her playing school, she knew her shit and knew it well.  Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit–the little imp didn’t want to do her work, she just wanted to play!!!  So, the following Monday at homework time she starts getting jittery and I tell her that as soon as she is finished with her homework assignment, she can go play.  She pouted, she cried, she gave dirty looks, I walked away several times.  But she did not leave the table till her homework was done–two and half hours later.  When she finally did it, it took her 5 minutes to do it.  FIVE MINUTES!!!!  She told me she didn’t want to do her homework several times during the ordeal and that she just wanted to play.  But I didn’t back down.  Guess how long it takes for her to do her homework now??  Guess!!!  Five to ten minutes!  And that is by herself with minimal guidance from me.  So, yeah…shouldn’t be a problem for now.  Her school work she’s bringing home is actually better than before and she seems to be doing much better overall.  I’ve also set up a homework/arts and craft station near the dining table.  everyone has their own box with crayons, scissors, glue sticks and stickers, so it has made it more fun to do homework.

Well, the volume level is getting out of control with Diva A and Diva M–I think there’s an alpha fight going on, so I must show them who top dog really is before it gets out of hand.

Lots of love and happy crafting!



even though if I ever utter, “I think I’ll make a backpack” slap me, please.  Or at least a real backpack.  I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it and I completely made it too hard. But without further ado, here it is

And lined with some recycled whatever it is to stiffen the backpack up and make it cleanable on the inside.

And here’s Diva S from the other day, announcing that she had a baby in her belly just like Mommy

Ta-DA!!!!!!  It’s Pinky-Pie!!!  Now I dance…(yeah, because that’s what all moms do right after giving birth, is dance and twirl 😉 )

And the immature female in me giggled over the sticker on my donut box a few days ago…nope I haven’t seen b.o.b., because if I did I wouldn’t be in this “delicate condition.” LMAO

And speaking of my delicate condition, here is Mr. L in 3D!  Sorry, I cropped all the info out just in case.  Totally awesome and brought a tear to my eye…

On the sewing table currently is a bedspread request by an 11 yr old, a hot pink bedspread with the DC logo (it’s a skateboarding shoe…I had to look it up) in purple.  I have the top done, just need to finish it off for her.

Then:  I have an outfit to make for a 2yr old’s bday party Saturday.  My niece’s baby shower is next weekend and my SIL’s baby shower is the weekend after.  So I must step up to the plate and work on their baby quilts!!!  I figure 3-4 nights/quilt…a night to cut the blocks, a night to sew the blocks and a night to make the quilt sandwich.  I’m going to forgo the binding on these ones (saves me time and tears and pressure on the abdomen).

So I have a full plate for the next 2 wks on the sewing table!!!  After that I do need to make a diaper bag for me and the lil shit.

Lots of love and Happy Sewing!!!!

<3, J

{June 4, 2010}   I did it!!!

I officially have my Associates in Business Admin!!!!  And I did it all myself, granted they were on line classes, but that crap was hard and I do seem to be an over achiever, but I did it!  Monday I start another round of classes though for my Bachelor’s Degree.  Something to cross off my bucket list, I finally have a degree in something!!

Proud Mommy Moment:  A’s last day was Tuesday, and as I mentioned in my last post, had an awards ceremony.  Well she won her class’s Citizenship Award (one goes to a boy and one to a girl) for “Positive Attitude and Willingness to Help Others.”  I am so proud of her!!  Her report card was fabulous, she met or exceeded everything for her grade level.  I’m going to have to work with her a bit on some of her math and reading comp, but she has vastly improved.  I am very glad she got the award and she was beyond happy when she saw that her father and I were able to make it there.  She was also tickled to death when I popped my head into her classroom for a few minutes.  She got to introduce me and she answered questions about the baby and the family.  Her grin that was ear to ear was well worth having to sit there with her father.

Sewing related:  I did cut out all the blocks for L’s baby quilt and I have 4 rows of 8 already sewn.  It’s actually fast when you’re sewing basic blocks together.  Then comes the fun part of sewing the rows together making sure everything matches up.  But I’m sewing the blocks in rows, then ironing them and the seams and then I will sew the rows together.

On a funny note, nothing better than going to a “fun” party when you’re 6 and half months pregnant! =) Oh well, needed to get some body spray since I can’t stand cologne/perfume and also some of the fabulous numbing gel that is a life saver for teething kids.  I also got a lavender spray for the pillows to help us all go to sleep.  So I basically bought supplies for the fam.  Oh well, it works–may be unconventional, but it works!!!

Well, happy sewing and lotsa love!!!


{June 1, 2010}   blocks

are cut.  I now have 56 6.5″ blocks, 8 of each fabric (7 different ones) for Little Dude.  Done, all while I was on the phone lamenting to my friend about the SD.  Seems like a lot, but I think I did my math right to make it approximately 42 x 48.  Eh, if not, I’ll “make it work.”  only took me 10 min of ironing and half hour or so of cutting, thanks to the pizza cutter of death (I did have to stop and compose myself a couple times before I took of the tips of my fingers).

I’m trying to decide if I should just forge ahead on his or go ahead and cut my niece’s squares out.  Toughie, because now I want to start tomorrow night and have the quilt top done this week.  I also have 2 other surprise quilts that I decided to undergo at the last minute, their fabrics are in the dryer going through the dreaded prewash so I can spend an hour detangling and clipping all the damn frays.

I’m getting excited!  I have plenty of fabric left over from the quilt to make burp clothes, taggie blankets and maybe some small lovies.

Tomorrow A has her awards ceremony at school and her teacher made a point to leave me a voice mail message that said, “Between you and me, you will want to be there for the ceremony on Tuesday at 930.”  O.M.G.  Is she getting an award??  Does her teacher think she needs someone there because of all the crap going on??  I know she’s got darn near perfect attendance for the year…but her teacher made a point to call me to tell me I should be there!!!  I’m excited!!!  Camera is charging as I type.  She didn’t really know anything about the ceremony when I asked, she just shrugged and said, “I guess.”  So I didn’t even mention I was going to be going.  I had a sitter lined up for the 3 Littles within 15 minutes of getting that message!!  I will update tomorrow, even if it is nothing or attendance, I am proud of her for holding up her grades as well as she has this year…so either way in my book she’s a winner!!!!

{April 29, 2010}   It’s a….

BOY!!!!  Sometime late August/early September, I will be welcoming another prince into the world.  He measured right along with his gestational age, but he had some long legs.  Given my body stature it’s not a surprise.  His heart beat was 139, he weighed approximately 1lb, 2 oz and was fabulous to actually be able to see.  He was madder than an old wet hen at being pushed and shoved into different directions, throwing his hands over his head several times.  It was great!  I’m so excited and I have all these ideas going through my head as to what to make for him now.  I need to make a list and prioritize it since I’m making my niece and SIL baby items too.  First order of business is to do the baby quilts.  Second, the carseat covers…those shouldn’t take long.  Then move on down the list…Ack this is sew (sic) exciting!!!

Oops, but I must make my oldest Diva the dress I promised and my son some pj’s with the motorcycle fabric he picked out.  LOL!!!

Happy Sewing and Lots of Love!!

{March 30, 2010}   it worked

A new bobbin worked, at least for now.  I have the main pieces sewn and am waiting on the iron to heat up so I can start piecing it together.  Diva A should be happy when she gets home from school then.  I was going to sew them matching jackets for their dresses; however, between school work, machine issues, personal issues and life I have decided to forgo the jackets and save the rest of the bright pink material for another project.  The weather is supposed to be in the high 70’s Sunday, and besides, realistically, how often would they wear their jackets??  Plus Prince has asked where his “Easter Dress” is.  I told him he was a boy and he is not getting a dress.  But I quickly told him before his 4 yr old meltdown began that I will add a tie to one of his t-shirts (I pulled out of the trash pile, it has a big chocolate milk stain down the front) and he smiled and promptly pointed at some blue skull material and said, “With that?”  Ummmm…skulls on Easter??  However, the look of joy and hope in his eyes made me melt and I told him whatever he wanted.  It’s a tie appliqué and he’s 4.  I let the divas pick their material out, so I suppose it’s only fair that I let Prince express his individuality and it’s totally rocking!  That’s my boy.

Back to work, lots o’ love and happy sewing!

et cetera