Say What? Sew what?

{August 28, 2011}   No motivation…

Lots of things have happened since my last post.  I got a job.  I work as an infant teacher as a daycare.  It’s really cool getting to take care of my youngest and all the other babies in the room.  Currently I am drunk…I drank a whole bottle of wine in under an hour, so I’m feeling fine as wine. =)  Though I have had no motivation to sew these past few months and it makes me sad.  I have a ton of projects I wanted to do, but no gumption to do them.

Lots of stuff going on in the personal life to kill my urge to sew.  The kids are back in school (thank God) and Little Man has turned one.  Jesus Christ, it’s been a year!!!!!  He’s hell on wheels and he doesn’t even walk yet.  He’s 33 pounds and 34 inches tall at a year.  Fruck me…no wonder my back and hips are killing me.  He’s a tank and will crawl over anything and anyone in his way.

Princess A is nine and in the fourth grade.  We had the period talk on Fourth of July as she has been moodier than I was in the first trimester of pregnancy.  Twas a good talk and I was going to give her part two of said talk and she told me, “Mom, you just told me I was going to bleed for the next 40 years of my life, I don’t want to know about sex just yet.”  Yup, she has my sick, twisted sense of humor.

Princess M is having some behavior issues and I am at a loss of what to do.  So I scheduled her a physical and have a packet of paper to pick up for myself and her teacher to fill out to get her eval’ed for a learning disability or behavior issues. Her teacher is on board ans she actually called me the other day and we had a fabulous conversation and she thought getting her evaluated early was a wonderful idea to “nip it in the bud.”

Prince S is doing wonderfully in Kindergarten and flourishing.  He is really becoming his own.  He reminds me so much of my brother, it’s endearing.  He’s very sensitive and I’m starting to wonder if he is on the low end of the spectrum or if he has some sensory issues.  But he does so well in school and with his friends, I don’t know.  Maybe he is just empathetic in nature.

Princess S is, well, four years old. And trying to figure out who she is and how independent she is and is asserting herself left and right.  Well, with the occasional meltdown.  She, too, is also very senstivie in nature and is such a breath of fresh air sometimes.

My marriage is almost dissolved.  Really can’t wait for the closure to happen.  It’s not going to change anything, but it’s going to be closure to me.

Oh hell, I’m drunk and trying to avoid opening a second bottle of wine.  More intelligent posts to come when I’m not so inebriated.  Holy crap, I spelled inebriated right on the first try…anywhoo.  Hapy Saturday.

Lots of love,



{May 24, 2011}   Long time

again.  I’ve been busy as heck with the weather warming up, have gotten minor sewing done, nothing huge.  I’ve been also job hunting like a madman.  My savings is about depleted and I need to be working in like 2 weeks to make sure it doesn’t go in the red.  But that is another rant. =)

Anywho, proud mommy moment!!  My oldest got voted (10 out of 22 kids voted for her) Best Dress in her class!!!! =)  Completely fabulous, considering the majority of her wardrobe is actually thrifted, with some of my originals thrown in and some refashions too. =)  And this actually makes me feel really good, because when I was growing up I was always picked on about how I was dressed–we were poor so I wore whatever Mom could afford or could sew together for me.  This has lead me to make sure that my kids dress well on a budget.  I’m picky when I shop–only new or like new items, clearance, or some super sale around Christmas time.  I rarely ever, ever pay full price for anything that comes in this house.  So, the fact that she got voted best dressed tickles me to death, especially since kids are cruel and, let’s face it, superficial.

And on the thrifting front…I found yards and yards of this blue striped silky material for $5 today!!  I’ve been wanting to make a duvet cover for my comforter and this material is perfect!  It matches the beautiful brocade pillows I picked up last month being thrifty!  So, I’m going to be adding a duvet cover to my to do list. =)  I also got a plum colored NWT floor length formal skirt, a knee length pink formal dress, a long blue plaid skirt and a short beaded skirt for fifty cents a piece!  The pink skirt I’m going to redo into a pink princess dress for Diva M for her birthday in 2 weeks, the plaid skirt will be perfect for shorts for the boys, the beaded skirt is perfect for a purse and the plum skirt is added to my materials for Hallowe’en costumes. =)

And speaking of score, I got 3 bottles of deodorant for six cents a piece today.  Suave ws on sale for 1.06 at Krogers, this week’s paper had fifty cents off and Kroger’s doubles coupons…so six cents!!! =)

I also have a job interview tomorrow!!!  This is the job I want, but if this doesn’t pan out I also have gotten an offer to work at a daycare in either the 2 year old room or 3 year old room. =) So, 2 totally different paths, but I need a job and both are things I’m good at–office work and taking care of kids.

Lovely day!!

I swear I say the same things day in and day out.  I’ve decided that they’re not hearing what I am actually saying.  I’m sure we can all relate.

Me: No running in the house!

Heard:  Run as fast as you can and make sure you either run into each other or the wall.

Me:  Keep it down, the baby is trying to sleep

Heard:  Fight as loud as you can and make sure you run through house while you do it.

Me:  Stay out of the baby’s face.

Heard:  Please get in face, talk as loud as you can and be very obnoxious until he screams at the top of his lungs.

Me:  Yes, you can give the baby a kiss, but on his forehead or the top of his head.  You all have colds.

Heard:  Please kiss him on the cheek and mouth so he can cough all night long and start wheezing in 2 days.

Me:  Please leave the baby’s toys alone.

Heard:  Play with them and stick them in your mouth.  He needs to catch your cold.

Me:  No you may not do *insert whatever they were going to do.*

Heard:  No you may not do *whatever,* but as soon as I turn my back go right ahead!!

Me:  Wash your hands after you go the bathroom.

Heard:  Wash your hands, flood the bathroom and leave the water running.

Me:  Dinner time!

Heard:  Come choke down my cooking, while complaining and making awful faces and noises.  It makes me feel lovely!

Me:  It’s time to clean your room.

Heard:  Take 5 minutes to pick up each and every toy.  And, by all means only pick one toy up at a time and play with it so we’re here all night waiting on you to clean your room.

Me:  Watch your attitude!

Heard:  Blah, blah, blah, blah…

Me:  Do not roll your eyes again.

Heard:  Please roll your eyes right now and tilt your head too.

Me:  If I have to tell you to watch your mouth one more time…

Heard:  Give me an even bigger attitude so I can be the bad guy and ground you on the only nice weekend out of the past 3 weeks.

Me:  I love you, Baby L.

Heard:  I love it when you claw my eyes out.

But I can whisper the words “treat time” outside and they are in the dining room dancing, ready for their dessert.  I know I don’t need their hearing checked.  I swear they just hear what they want to hear.

However, I do love when they answer back with “I love you too,” “thank you,” “dinner was delicious,” “You’re the best mom ever,” “this is the best day ever,” “Good night, mommy,” and the smiles when it does go right.

Sigh…as you can tell I’m having an attitude issue with my almost 9 year old, cleaning room issues with the littles and Little Dude is now coughing, sneezing and starting to wheeze.

{April 30, 2011}   PSA–Grammar Part One

Ugh, I am finding it harder and harder to read through my boards on one of my favorite website.  I am getting sick of blatant misspellings, grammatical errors and all the blessed text speak I keep seeing.  It makes my head and eyeballs hurt and my blood pressure seems to rise.  It also makes me wonder about the education of the youth of this country and our future.

wut, wat is spelled what

dat is that

Its is possessive, as in “the dog likes its food.”  It’s is a contraction for it is as in “It’s cold outside,” or “It is cold outside.”

UR is your or you’re or you are.  Your is also possessive, as in “are you going to drink your milk?”  You’re is a contraction for you are, as in “you’re (you are) pissing me off with all your (possessive) idiotic grammatic errors.”

That brings me to they’re, there, and their.  They’re is a contraction for they are; there is a place; and, their is possessive.  “They’re (they are) cleaning up their (possessive) mess over there (place).”

An apostrophe–this cute little symbol [ ‘ ]–is located right next to the enter key on the keyboard.  This lovely little thing when added with an “s” (i.e., ‘s) makes things possessive.  “The babys butt has a rash.” should be “The baby’s butt has a rash.”  This leads to me to words ending with “y,” to make these items plural (which means more than one), the “y” gets changed to “ies.”  “Our babys are so cute.”  should read “Our babies are so cute.”

Than and then…then is a time frame and than is semi-comparative to me (“I would rather go now than then”).

Farther and further:  Farther is physical and further is metaphorically speaking, i.e, “How much farther until we get to Grandma’s house?” vs. “To get further in life, it would behoove you to get an education.”  Just remember that farther has the word “far” in it, which implies distance.

Good is broken down as good, better, best, not good, gooder and goodest. (Shiver)

A general rule of thumb to use when attempting to use more and most, is the amount of syllables in the word.  Generally, if there is more than one syllable, use more and most.  Beautiful, more beautiful and most beautiful.  Fast, faster and fastest.  There are some exceptions to this rule, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of any.

“What is a syllable?” you ask.  A syllable is an uninterrupted sequence of speech of a word.  Dog is a one syllable word; water has two syllables (wa-ter); and education has four (ed-u-ca-tion).

Common contractions:


Is not:  isn’t (There isn’t enough coffee in the world.)

Will not:  won’t (Jane won’t play nice.)

Do not:  don’t (Don’t use bad grammar.)

Does not:  doesn’t (Doesn’t the yard look lovely?)

Are not:  aren’t (The kids aren’t playing nicely.)

Was not:  Wasn’t (I wasn’t trying to be mean.)

Were not:  weren’t (The kids weren’t ready for school this morning.)

Has not: hasn’t (My sunflower hasn’t bloomed yet.)

Have not:  haven’t (My tomato plants haven’t sprouted yet either.)

Had not:  hadn’t  (If I hadn’t cooked dinner last night, the kids would’ve gone hungry.)

Did not:  didn’t (I didn’t want to cook dinner.)

Should not:  shouldn’t (You shouldn’t have ignored your elementary school teacher.)

Could not:  couldn’t (You couldn’t possibly understand my headache.)

Must not:  mustn’t (We mustn’t fight over this.)

Cannot:  can’t (I can’t fathom the future of our country at this point.)


Might have:  might’ve (You might’ve gotten the job if you used proper grammar on your resume.)

Should have:  should’ve (You should’ve paid attention.)

Could have:  could’ve (I could’ve let this go, but I am aggravated.)

Would have:  would’ve (I would’ve let this go, but I am tired of seeing this crap all over the internet by adults.)

Must have:  must’ve (You must’ve either fell asleep or been absent that day in school.)


I will: I’ll (I’ll stop harping soon.)

I am:  I’m (I’m exhausted.)

I would:  I’d (I’d pay attention from now on.)

I have: I’ve (I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.)


You will: you’ll (You’ll go further in life if you educate yourself.)

You are:  you’re (You’re not playing nicely with your sister!)

You would: you’d (You’d love the new Potter movie.)

You have: you’ve (You’ve got to be insane.)


He will: he’ll (He’ll go to the store in the morning.)

He is:  he’s (He’s in love with the girl.)

He would: he’d (He’d love to go to prom with her.)

He has:  he’s (He’s got to get a haircut.)


She will:  she’ll (She’ll like it if you hold the door for her.)

She is: she’s  (She’s still sleeping.)

She would:  she’d (She’d go to school if she’d wake up on time.)

She has: she’s (She’s got beautiful eyes.)


They will:  they’ll (They’ll be going to the store soon.)

They are:  they’re (They’re a pain in my ass.)

They would:  they’d (They’d come over if you weren’t such a pain.)

They have:  they’ve (They’ve gotten tired of your ways.)


We will:  we’ll (We’ll stop by shortly.)

We are:  we’re (We’re going to eat first.)

We would:  we’d (We’d come by earlier, but the baby was ill.)

We have: we’ve (We’ve got to go to the doctors.)


It will:  it’ll (It’ll be beneficial to pay attention from now on.)

It is:  it’s (It’s a gorgeous day out today.)

It would:  it’d (It’d be nice to go to the park today.)

It has:  it’s (It’s been a long road to get to where we are today.)

Well, my rant is over for now.  I am sure I’ll be ranting again in the near future about other words and their misuses.

Have a beautiful Saturday,


p.s. irregardless and conversate aren’t real words.  And if you’re sick, you’re not feeling well.  I’m not saying my typing is perfect, we all make mistakes or are typing too fast or are distracted by the umpteen fights, but for the love of all things holy please re-read what you type.

{April 14, 2011}   Spinning wheels

I feel like I am spinning my wheels.  I’ve spring cleaned my home, but 2 days later it looks like crud.  I’ve tried to get to the girls’ Easter dresses, but the machine ate the original upcycled prom skirt fabric.  So I am now on to plan B, which has been cut out, but not sewn.  Not sewn, because I’ve been doing odd sewing jobs for acquaintances.  Gives me a little pocket money; however, I starting to freak out I won’t get the dresses done in time.  I have ten days to do 3 dresses and applique 2 t-shirts for the boys.  I can do this.  Right??

I had a job interview on Friday, but have not heard back.  I even called yesterday as a follow up, left a voice mail and no call back.  Sigh, one day (hopefully soon), I will get a j.o.b.  Ugh.

I also am cloth diapering Liam now.  I have 2 lamb’s wool sweaters I have felted that I need to make into soakers and longies for him.  That’s a project for after the dresses.  And, I have 6 cloth dipes with bad elastic that I need to repair so they will be usable.

Well, happy crafting and lots of love,


{April 3, 2011}   Lazy Sundays…

It’s almost 60 outside, the windows are opened, I hear the sound of yard work, birds chirping, kids playing outside and all the lovely sounds of spring.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to storm like a mother tomorrow. Blech…welcome to Spring Break, kiddos.  Diva S has an ear infection and possible strep, but her pedi didn’t call to confirm either way.  So, she’s on amoxicillin.  She’s like her biggest sister, doesn’t present with a fever with ear infections.

Little Dude has gotten his second tooth, and I’m trying to figure out if his issues are seasonal allergies or a cold.  Either way, there’s not much I can do about it since they do not make cold, cough or allergy meds for the youngest crowd.  However, if they don’t clear up by his 9 month check up in May I will be asking what I can give him.  He’s miserable.

I did sew this week, but nothing exciting–I just hemmed up some curtain panels for a friend and then sewed some patches onto another friend’s leather biker vest.  The girls’ Easter dresses are taunting me, but I hate the silky, fraying fabric.  I may tackle them later on tonight should all kids go to bed.

Well, I think I’m going to clean up Little Dude, get the kids dressed, go get a Sunday paper and then come home and we shall play outside.

Have a good’er Sunday, happy sewing and lots of love.


{March 28, 2011}   High Horse and Soap Box

A pet peeve of mine is grammar.  I know mine is not perfect, but I’m trying to teach my kids how to speak properly during this day and age of texting, twitter, emails, blogging, etc.  You can imagine my surprise watching a commercial for Gain and they spit out the word “gooder.”  *Gasp* Surely that commercial did not just say gooder? I have to love digital cable, because I rewound (is that even applicable today?) and watched it twice.  Yup, sure enough, it says “gooder.”  There were even two back-to-back Gain commercials, both using that word.

I found Gain’s website and wrote them a comment about their advertisement and how I found it offensive they were “dumbing down” their commercials and even my 4 year old knows good, better, and best.

Here’s their response:

“Dera Jenn,

Thanks for your comments and concern.

We chose to use the word Good’er for a dramatic effect. This was an attempt to play off of the expression “Have a Good Morning”.  We believe that families and companies should be doing all they can to promote education.  The process of doing laundry can often be a boring, monotonous process. The Gain team is hoping to make this process just a little bit more fun, and this is often demonstrated in the advertising.

Thanks again for writing.

Megan H.

Gain Team”

Yeah.  They couldn’t even spell “dear” right, and I’m going to ASSume that since “Dera Jenn,” is in an entirely different font that it was some automated bull crap answer.

I found one of the offending commercials on youtube and watched it.  I wanted to see if perhaps it was a play on “Have a good morning.”  It wasn’t.  The commercial starts out playing a Warrant song and the voice-over says, “Bill’s mornings have never been gooder…”  Hmmmmm, maybe I’m dense, but I don’t see how that is a play on “Have a Good Morning.”  Why don’t you take a gander at it for yourself?

Here’s my email back to them and I know have bigger fish to fry than grammatically incorrect commercials.

Dear Megan,

Thank you for your response; however, I re-watched the commercial online and the word gooder (or good’er as you referred to it) doesn’t resemble “Have a good morning.” to me.  The commercial starts out saying, “Bill’s morning have never been gooder…”  This is a poor choice of a word, considering it isn’t even a word and I hope it never makes it into the dictionary.  If it had said, “Bill’s mornings have been good’uns…” than I’d be able to see the connection and probably wouldn’t have complained in the first place for Gain “dumbing down” their advertising.
Any way, thank you for your response, as automated as it was, and the proper salutation is “Dear,” not “Dera.”

{March 17, 2011}   So many things…

I actually didn’t think about it being the Ides of March yesterday until I was logging off the computer and saw the day.

No cute St Patty’s day crafts from me.  I thought about, perused some ideas on line and said forget it.  Especially since our weather has been halfway decent here and there, so we went outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  All kids have green picked out tomorrow, so there will be no pinches.  Liam has green as do I that we will wear tomorrow.

I’ve been brainstorming ideas.  I’m thinking about opening my own business and am pretty serious about it.  At first I thought I needed to get a 9-5 job, put myself out there, but then gas prices soared up and all the good jobs are well over half an hour away.  So, I thought why the hell not.  If I have ran my household for the past five years, why couldn’t I run my own business and take charge of my destiny??  I know I’m not going to be getting rich quick and I don’t want to (though getting a winning lottery ticket would be fan-fricking-tastic), I just want to be earning money.  I want to earn a decent amount of money and still be able to be there for my kids.  They’re all used to me being here whenever they needed me to be and my 8 yr old started to freak out when I told her I was looking for a job.  “But, but, but Mommmmm!!!  Who is going to watch us???” she wailed in horror.  (And no, I am not exaggerating.  If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting an 8 and half year old girl, you’d understand).  The only reason I can think of that she would be aghast at that is their father is military and also, for lack of better terminology, likes to step out, and I would always tell them, “Daddy is at work.”

But I am trying not to become overwhelmed by thoughts of business plans, marketing myself and what I’m wanting to do and *choke* accounting.  I can do this.  It’s actually quite perfect for me and I’d say more; however, I’m still in the brainstorming process, thinking if I like the name I thought of as I was suffering from insomnia at 2 am this morning and then the slogan that popped into my head as I was inhaling my Lucky Charms (they’re magically delicious!!) this morning.

I’m also trying not to get to worried about L.  He’s 7 months old, but he’s not rolling.  Refuses to.  No front to back, back to front.  Nothing.  He’ll kind of roll onto his side to try to reach a toy but if he can’t reach it he’ll flop back over and get distracted by his fists or toes.  He uses his feet when he’s on his back to kinda turn himself around so he’s facing where he wants or his arms if he’s on his belly.  He sits unassisted for long periods of time and can usually readjust himself if he starts to fall over.  He’s standing assisted too.  So, I’m not sure if I should be worried or let it go.  But he is a mini-linebacker, so maybe he’s having trouble heaving his body around.  Dr wasn’t worried though, so we’ll see.  He’s baby screaming talking now too, and it sounds like he says, “Hey,” every morning when I get him out of bed.  I wonder if he’s repeating me, because I always say, “Hey, good morning, butters.” (Butters=butterball)

I also have a heap of pink, purple and green shiny fabric staring at me since I tore apart those skirts to use.  I sat down with the girls and we all talked necklines, bows, colors, floofy skirts, etc.  So, I have their dress designs roughly sketched out.

Well, Happy Sewing and have a happy (and safe, don’t drink and drive!) St. Patrick’s Day!

Lots of love,


{March 8, 2011}   Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Well over a week has past since I last sewed.  The machine is taunting me as I dream up visions of the girls’ Easter dresses, summer dresses, a vintage dress for me, shirts for the boys, etc.  I just don’t know where to start.  But I’m guessing since Lent starts tomorrow, I should get on those Easter dresses as I’ll only have 40 days to make them.

I did make two shirts for Liam.  Well, I ironed on fabric transfer to two tee shirts for him.  Woo-hoo, took me 2 minutes and that includes making the designs, printing them on the printer and ironing them on. =)

Spring is right around the corner!!  I found a recipe for homemade bubbles that I’m going to make for the kids–who doesn’t love blowing bubbles??  I can’t wait for Liam to see the wonders of bubbles for the first time.

I need to start my tomato plants, figure out what I’m going to grow my herbs in–I want them to grow in the kitchen window.  I have sunflower seeds too!  So much to do (not really, but I’m languishing from laziness here).

I want to bake too.  I baked a cake last night, but I want to bake something else.  Baked goods, I absolutely love them and my kids should be glad that I love them more than baked goods, because I don’t like to share them. =P

I’m rambling.  The Littles are outside playing on the back deck, Little Dude is chilling in his exersaucer, about ready for a nap and Diva A will be home in an hour.  I’m trying to figure out dinner to cook.  What I want and what the kids will eat are two different things, sigh.

I should get to picking apart the prom skirts I have downstairs to use for their Easter dresses.  I picture foofy dresses with big bows for the two younger girls and something vintage-modern for the big diva.  Diva A would look good in a sixties mini (but not as mini as the 60’s, more like knee length), colorblocked dress.  Hmmmm…ideas, ideas, ideas.  I’m wanting to make their dresses without using a commercial pattern.

Sigh, well the teething beast is whining.

Lots of love, happy sewing and Good Luck with Lent and whatever you choose to give up!!

{February 27, 2011}   Been Busy!

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted.  But it’s been a whirlwind of birthday parties, another round of illness and life in general.  I’ve sewn my niece’s baby blanket (6 months late, oops sorry!), a skirt with matching doll for a friend’s daughter and today was a dress for SIL’s daughter upcycled from a onesie and some matching material.  Pictures of the blanket, skirt and doll; however, I am in the process of whipping up a quick tutorial for the onesie dress.

Simple square quilt top, 6″ squares, 5X6 squares.  The skirt is a take on Dana’s Market Skirt and the doll is something I made for Diva S last year and brought out the pattern for another birthday girl.

This weekend has been a treasure hunt.  Went to thrift stores and consignment shops on the hunt.  Somethings that stand out in my head are $2 for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” $4 for 3 Lemon Snickett books for Diva A, $2 for a sky blue formal skirt that I can see being a Cinderella dress in the near future, $1 for a gold chain belt for me, and then today was a bag sale at a children’s consignment shop–Liam scored big for next year and I found 5 or 6 leotards for Diva M and Diva S’s dress up bucket.  Oh and I found a brand new pair of Sketcher pull on tennis shoes for Little Man for $6 for next school year and Diva A a like new pair of slip on ballet flats.

I’ve been in the process of purging out unnecessary junk from the house and it’s been wonderful!  I have several bags of junk out in the garage ready to get donated and several other bags of kids’ clothes ready to be set out for a garage sale when the weather breaks.

A close friend of mine brought me a beautiful orange sherbert skirt to use for material for the girls’ Easter dress and since then I’ve been plotting Easter dresses and outfits for the kiddos.  I think Little Man and Little Dude need matching t-shirts this year.  Well, not matchy matchy, maybe a bowtie for Little Dude, since Little Man requested a pointy tie.

I had a job interview on Friday for a legal secretary position.  I think I did fabulous, so we shall see.  If anything it gave me the confidence to go back out there and get a job.  I can do this!  I can’t just sit on my buttinski for the rest of my life.

Little Man, Little Dude and Diva S had their physicals in the last two weeks.  Little Dude was 6 months exactly on his physical and was 24lbs, 11 oz and 28.75″ long (off the charts for a normal 6 mo old); Little Man, 5 yr old, is 43.5″ and 39.5lbs–50-75% for height and 25-50% for his weight; and, Diva S, 4 yr old, is 42.5″ and 41lbs–90-95% for both.  So all are doing well and the pedi exclaimed over how well behaved my children are and to keep up the good work.  I told her they knew they had lollipops in the van waiting for them based on their behavior–my trick to make it through shots and dr’s visits.  Bribery works in some situations, dr’s visits being one of them.

Diva A got sick…man sick.  But she did actually have an ear infection and was quite dramatic when they flushed her ear out.  She also had waxy build up in her middle ear.  So, yes the tears were abundant at that appointment.  She is still milking the “my ear hurts” statement, but I ask her if it really does and do we need to go back and it magically seems to feel better.  I wouldn’t ask her if it really does, but she brings it up when I ask her to clean her room.  I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, child.

Diva M has been doing smashingly in school–I’m so proud of her, I was getting worried about her progress.  We, uh, had a break through during a homework session a couple weeks ago.  I was told by her teacher that if she gets frustrated not to push the homework session past ten minutes.  Well, well, my diva figured out that if she cries, pouts and acts discouraged long enough I will tell her enough’s enough, go play.  Hmmmmm, fast forward to progress reports–“I am concerned about her progress.” writes her teacher.  Well, no shit Sherlock–you told me not to push it at home!!!!  Diva M would “shut down” whenever something remotely educational would get started.  Hmmmmm…listened to her playing school, she knew her shit and knew it well.  Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit–the little imp didn’t want to do her work, she just wanted to play!!!  So, the following Monday at homework time she starts getting jittery and I tell her that as soon as she is finished with her homework assignment, she can go play.  She pouted, she cried, she gave dirty looks, I walked away several times.  But she did not leave the table till her homework was done–two and half hours later.  When she finally did it, it took her 5 minutes to do it.  FIVE MINUTES!!!!  She told me she didn’t want to do her homework several times during the ordeal and that she just wanted to play.  But I didn’t back down.  Guess how long it takes for her to do her homework now??  Guess!!!  Five to ten minutes!  And that is by herself with minimal guidance from me.  So, yeah…shouldn’t be a problem for now.  Her school work she’s bringing home is actually better than before and she seems to be doing much better overall.  I’ve also set up a homework/arts and craft station near the dining table.  everyone has their own box with crayons, scissors, glue sticks and stickers, so it has made it more fun to do homework.

Well, the volume level is getting out of control with Diva A and Diva M–I think there’s an alpha fight going on, so I must show them who top dog really is before it gets out of hand.

Lots of love and happy crafting!



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