Say What? Sew what?

{May 24, 2011}   Long time

again.  I’ve been busy as heck with the weather warming up, have gotten minor sewing done, nothing huge.  I’ve been also job hunting like a madman.  My savings is about depleted and I need to be working in like 2 weeks to make sure it doesn’t go in the red.  But that is another rant. =)

Anywho, proud mommy moment!!  My oldest got voted (10 out of 22 kids voted for her) Best Dress in her class!!!! =)  Completely fabulous, considering the majority of her wardrobe is actually thrifted, with some of my originals thrown in and some refashions too. =)  And this actually makes me feel really good, because when I was growing up I was always picked on about how I was dressed–we were poor so I wore whatever Mom could afford or could sew together for me.  This has lead me to make sure that my kids dress well on a budget.  I’m picky when I shop–only new or like new items, clearance, or some super sale around Christmas time.  I rarely ever, ever pay full price for anything that comes in this house.  So, the fact that she got voted best dressed tickles me to death, especially since kids are cruel and, let’s face it, superficial.

And on the thrifting front…I found yards and yards of this blue striped silky material for $5 today!!  I’ve been wanting to make a duvet cover for my comforter and this material is perfect!  It matches the beautiful brocade pillows I picked up last month being thrifty!  So, I’m going to be adding a duvet cover to my to do list. =)  I also got a plum colored NWT floor length formal skirt, a knee length pink formal dress, a long blue plaid skirt and a short beaded skirt for fifty cents a piece!  The pink skirt I’m going to redo into a pink princess dress for Diva M for her birthday in 2 weeks, the plaid skirt will be perfect for shorts for the boys, the beaded skirt is perfect for a purse and the plum skirt is added to my materials for Hallowe’en costumes. =)

And speaking of score, I got 3 bottles of deodorant for six cents a piece today.  Suave ws on sale for 1.06 at Krogers, this week’s paper had fifty cents off and Kroger’s doubles coupons…so six cents!!! =)

I also have a job interview tomorrow!!!  This is the job I want, but if this doesn’t pan out I also have gotten an offer to work at a daycare in either the 2 year old room or 3 year old room. =) So, 2 totally different paths, but I need a job and both are things I’m good at–office work and taking care of kids.

Lovely day!!


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