Say What? Sew what?

{May 15, 2011}   Little Dude has a crib!

and a crib bumper!  He’s been sleeping in a pack & play for the past 9 months and I finally got to my dear friend’s house to pick up the crib her son is no longer using.  I put the crib together last night and then decided he needed a bumper so he wouldn’t get his chunker arms and legs stuck in the slats.  So, what’s a girl to do? Rummage through the scrap bin and make one!  It cost me zero to make and about 3 hours of my time yesterday afternoon.  All the material was left over from projects of the past, the batting I used was left over from blankets I had made and had to trim the batting down, and the ribbons were from freecycle. =)  It was actually quite easy, just time consuming and it seemed daunting since it was 4.5 yards of material each side and 4.5 yards of batting.  So it took FOR-ever to sew. But I finished it, said a small prayer that it fit and voila’!! It worked.  This momma couldn’t have been more tickled pink that she put together the crib by herself and made a crib bumper all in one day.  He slept in it just perfect last night and without his sound machine (that is attached to the pack and play, which is being given to another friend who is expecting soon).  Without much further ado, here is the crib bumper:


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