Say What? Sew what?

{April 22, 2011}   T-Minus 3 days…

Well, Easter in 3 days.  I have 2 dresses almost done–they just need buttons and the boys’ shirts done.  I just started cutting Diva A’s dress and ran into a bit of an issue…I should’ve cut the skirt first, but I will see how long what I have is on her and if it’s not to short, it’ll work.  But if it’s too short, I’ll have to add a band at the bottom.  Oh, well…it happens.

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been busy spring cleaning, taking care of kiddos, playing outside and life in general.  I’ve done several odd sewing jobs that have kept me busy.  I’ve had some fabulous thrift store finds–new living room curtains with 2 matching pillows. The curtains aren’t quite wide enough for the window, but it works and I love the light blue and chocolate combination.  I found a fabulous plum colored infinite dress–one of those dresses where you can where it a ton of ways, it’s all in how you wrap the ties, brand new with tags!! And, 4-5 yards of this beautiful brown polka dot silky material that is calling out to be made into a vintage style dress for me.

Now, I forget what I was going to write, Mommy brain I suppose is getting to me. =)

Without further ado, here are the Easter items I have finished (well, almost finished):


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