Say What? Sew what?

{April 14, 2011}   Spinning wheels

I feel like I am spinning my wheels.  I’ve spring cleaned my home, but 2 days later it looks like crud.  I’ve tried to get to the girls’ Easter dresses, but the machine ate the original upcycled prom skirt fabric.  So I am now on to plan B, which has been cut out, but not sewn.  Not sewn, because I’ve been doing odd sewing jobs for acquaintances.  Gives me a little pocket money; however, I starting to freak out I won’t get the dresses done in time.  I have ten days to do 3 dresses and applique 2 t-shirts for the boys.  I can do this.  Right??

I had a job interview on Friday, but have not heard back.  I even called yesterday as a follow up, left a voice mail and no call back.  Sigh, one day (hopefully soon), I will get a j.o.b.  Ugh.

I also am cloth diapering Liam now.  I have 2 lamb’s wool sweaters I have felted that I need to make into soakers and longies for him.  That’s a project for after the dresses.  And, I have 6 cloth dipes with bad elastic that I need to repair so they will be usable.

Well, happy crafting and lots of love,



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