Say What? Sew what?

{March 28, 2011}   Bestest Mom in Whole-Wide Worlddddddd…

Yup, that’s the title I earned today when I finished the kids’ table tent.  It started yesterday with the kids huffing and puffing because it was too cold to go play outside and me realizing that next month will more than likely be spent indoors thanks to April’s showers.  I’ve seen them done for card tables, but I have no room for a card table.  So, kitchen table it is then.  The hub of our house, where homework is finished, meals eaten, thinking caps put on, coloring done, creativity and imagination takes place (and where I do most of my sewing these days).  I rummaged through our linen shelf and found a twin sheet set that doesn’t get used and down to the black hole of my laundry room to look through my stash and away we went.  24 hours and several hiccups later, the kids were able to eat their pb&j’s UNDER the table in their own house.  I took inspiration for their house drawings for how I did the trees, bush and flowers.  It still needs a mailbox and I want to do one where we can put mail in it, but the kids spent all afternoon playing house, grilling out, playing barbies and driving around their house on their pillow cars.  I call it sweet success and I earned the coveted “Best Mommy in the Whole-Wide World” award.  Life is grand. =)


Debra says:

Are you kidding me, Jenn?!?!?! You are SUPER Mom again!!! This tent is the coolest thing ever!!!!

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