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{March 28, 2011}   High Horse and Soap Box

A pet peeve of mine is grammar.  I know mine is not perfect, but I’m trying to teach my kids how to speak properly during this day and age of texting, twitter, emails, blogging, etc.  You can imagine my surprise watching a commercial for Gain and they spit out the word “gooder.”  *Gasp* Surely that commercial did not just say gooder? I have to love digital cable, because I rewound (is that even applicable today?) and watched it twice.  Yup, sure enough, it says “gooder.”  There were even two back-to-back Gain commercials, both using that word.

I found Gain’s website and wrote them a comment about their advertisement and how I found it offensive they were “dumbing down” their commercials and even my 4 year old knows good, better, and best.

Here’s their response:

“Dera Jenn,

Thanks for your comments and concern.

We chose to use the word Good’er for a dramatic effect. This was an attempt to play off of the expression “Have a Good Morning”.  We believe that families and companies should be doing all they can to promote education.  The process of doing laundry can often be a boring, monotonous process. The Gain team is hoping to make this process just a little bit more fun, and this is often demonstrated in the advertising.

Thanks again for writing.

Megan H.

Gain Team”

Yeah.  They couldn’t even spell “dear” right, and I’m going to ASSume that since “Dera Jenn,” is in an entirely different font that it was some automated bull crap answer.

I found one of the offending commercials on youtube and watched it.  I wanted to see if perhaps it was a play on “Have a good morning.”  It wasn’t.  The commercial starts out playing a Warrant song and the voice-over says, “Bill’s mornings have never been gooder…”  Hmmmmm, maybe I’m dense, but I don’t see how that is a play on “Have a Good Morning.”  Why don’t you take a gander at it for yourself?

Here’s my email back to them and I know have bigger fish to fry than grammatically incorrect commercials.

Dear Megan,

Thank you for your response; however, I re-watched the commercial online and the word gooder (or good’er as you referred to it) doesn’t resemble “Have a good morning.” to me.  The commercial starts out saying, “Bill’s morning have never been gooder…”  This is a poor choice of a word, considering it isn’t even a word and I hope it never makes it into the dictionary.  If it had said, “Bill’s mornings have been good’uns…” than I’d be able to see the connection and probably wouldn’t have complained in the first place for Gain “dumbing down” their advertising.
Any way, thank you for your response, as automated as it was, and the proper salutation is “Dear,” not “Dera.”

Debra says:

You rock. I hate this commercial with a passion because of that word. (I wrote about it on my Tumblr account recently.) And, Gain’s “reply”…what a joke!

jennb75 says:

I keep meaning to ask you what your blog address is again. I only have the old one saved. Could you send it to me in a message over Facebook? This time I’ll book mark it correctly!

Their response was a joke and I nearly spit Dr Pepper out my nose when I saw their misspelling of dear. And, the more I thought about their response, the more pissed off I got. It sounds like an excuse my kids would give as to why they did something. “I jumped off the top bunk onto Kid S, because I thought it would be more fun than reading a book.”

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