Say What? Sew what?

{March 11, 2011}   Nothing fancy

but it’s sentimental nonetheless.  I did sew today.  Four pillows for my children who will be leaving to go their father’s house in a couple hours.  I also trimmed up fleece so they’d have blankets too.  Nothing fancy, but it’s my way of knowing they have pillows and blankets at daddy’s house.  In each pillow I stuffed a note with whatever I say to them right before I tuck them into bed.  I told them that it was so if they miss me or are upset, they can hug their pillow–it’s full of my love.  My way of being able to tuck them into bed at night even when I am not there.

I’m going to cry from sappiness now…


Debra says:

Oh Jenn…this makes my heart just squish…your kids are so lucky to have such a great, loving Mother like you.

jennb75 says:

Thanks, Debra. ❤ I already miss them and Alyssa has called twice to say, "I love you." Sigh. But they are having fun.

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