Say What? Sew what?

{March 8, 2011}   Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Well over a week has past since I last sewed.  The machine is taunting me as I dream up visions of the girls’ Easter dresses, summer dresses, a vintage dress for me, shirts for the boys, etc.  I just don’t know where to start.  But I’m guessing since Lent starts tomorrow, I should get on those Easter dresses as I’ll only have 40 days to make them.

I did make two shirts for Liam.  Well, I ironed on fabric transfer to two tee shirts for him.  Woo-hoo, took me 2 minutes and that includes making the designs, printing them on the printer and ironing them on. =)

Spring is right around the corner!!  I found a recipe for homemade bubbles that I’m going to make for the kids–who doesn’t love blowing bubbles??  I can’t wait for Liam to see the wonders of bubbles for the first time.

I need to start my tomato plants, figure out what I’m going to grow my herbs in–I want them to grow in the kitchen window.  I have sunflower seeds too!  So much to do (not really, but I’m languishing from laziness here).

I want to bake too.  I baked a cake last night, but I want to bake something else.  Baked goods, I absolutely love them and my kids should be glad that I love them more than baked goods, because I don’t like to share them. =P

I’m rambling.  The Littles are outside playing on the back deck, Little Dude is chilling in his exersaucer, about ready for a nap and Diva A will be home in an hour.  I’m trying to figure out dinner to cook.  What I want and what the kids will eat are two different things, sigh.

I should get to picking apart the prom skirts I have downstairs to use for their Easter dresses.  I picture foofy dresses with big bows for the two younger girls and something vintage-modern for the big diva.  Diva A would look good in a sixties mini (but not as mini as the 60’s, more like knee length), colorblocked dress.  Hmmmm…ideas, ideas, ideas.  I’m wanting to make their dresses without using a commercial pattern.

Sigh, well the teething beast is whining.

Lots of love, happy sewing and Good Luck with Lent and whatever you choose to give up!!


Debra says:

I love your blog. I can’t wait to see the kids’ Easter clothes! You are a great seamstress (and I’m a little jealous of that)!!

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