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{January 29, 2011}   Car Seat Safety

Ugh…Now I am at a crossroads…I did a height and weight check on my 3 “Littles” to see where they stand in relation to their carseats.  Little Man and Diva M are need in of new car seats.  More specifically Little Man…he is 2″ too tall for his carseat.  Diva M is only .25-.5″ from her height limit.  Purchase new 5-pt harness or go to the booster seats… I cannot safely say that I trust either one of them to sit right in a booster seat with a seat belt positioner.

I am now researching extended harnessing carseats.  God…Carseats.  Though the safety of my children justify the cost of new car seats for them.  So, My crossroads was actually quite easy.  I have to say no to the high back boosters and yes to a higher weight and height limit harnessing seat.  I want the best for my kids, not the minimum.  They’re worth it.  I can replace a vehicle and carseats, but I cannot replace my kids.  I cannot in good faith put either one in a booster knowing the research.

Lots of love.



Shan says:

We went through the same brief dilemma a couple months back when our infant was outgrowing the carrier. We ended up ordering a carseat for her then and thee one for the other car today. No booster for our toddler yet either.

Dropping in from the blogs post on BBC.

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