Say What? Sew what?

{January 20, 2011}   How

“How do you do it?” I was asked today by a friend.  Good question, I ask myself this question every day.  Their father is unavailable for the next 50 days, but even when he was in town I had a hard time asking him for help.  We don’t have a visitation schedule set up, and as a matter of fact the kids haven’t stayed with him since Little Dude was born.  Diva A has spent a night here and there, but it’s only been once or twice.

I do it because who else will?  If I don’t pick myself up every morning, who would take care of the kids.?  I don’t lose my sanity because I tell myself that while yes my kids may all have some sort of virus, but it’s just a virus and things along those lines.  I basically tell me my life isn’t as bad as it could be.  My life isn’t ideal, far from it–I’m a single mom to five kids, struggling in this sea of life.  But it is MY life, every day is a new day and a new opportunity for me to guide the kids down a better path and to better myself.  I try to greet every morning as a new chance, a new day–I try not to let the trials and tribulations of the day(s) before upset the beauty of a new day.  Some days I am successful at that and some days I’m not.

Four years…

Tomorrow my baby girl turns FOUR.  FOUR!!!  Dear God, four.  She is over the moon at turning four.  I held her today and it was so weird holding her in my arms as a baby playing around with her, but she was so big.  It made my heart hurt with how big she’s getting, but it also made me swell with pride over her.  Diva S is spunky, head strong, stands her ground, loves princesses but also loves frogs and pigs, plays barbie with her sisters and cars with Little Man.  She gives fabulous hugs and is funny.  I asked her today how she got so big and she told me, “You, Mommy!  You feed me lots of good healthy food and it helps me grow!!”  Love her.  Four, wow…four.

Had to take Little Man to pedi’s office today, he’s on day 3 of fever and tomorrow it’s supposed to dump snow.  He’s got an upper respiratory infection.  So I have to keep an eye on his breathing and make sure he doesn’t start rasping and railing.  I also had to pick Diva M up today from school for…you guessed it…a fever and headache.  Third child sick since Sunday morning.  Watching Diva A and hoping Little Dude doesn’t catch it.  I was concerned about him since I’ve been icky and I breastfeed, but I read it’s better and my antibodies pass on to him.  So he may not get the virus or he may get it but not as badly as the rest of us.  Fingers crossed.

Well, on the sewing table I have to t=shirt pants cut out from thrifted tees for Little Dude, he’s growing so quickly.  I just need to get the gumption to sew stretchy t-shirt material.  And the time and motivation.

Lots of love,



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