Say What? Sew what?

{January 18, 2011}   The sickies…

Ugh…I’m sick.  Diva S was sick Sunday, Little Man was sick yesterday and now I am running a low grade and have that icky, watery feeling in my mouth.  Do you know how hard it is not to nuzzle and kiss Little Dude??  I honestly don’t want him to get a fever, I don’t want anyone in this house to get it.  Blech…

Little Man is home from school today though since he did have a fever last night when he went to bed. Rule of thumb is fever free for 24 hours before sending to school.  Boy does he talk a lot without his sisters around!!!  Our conversation this morning went:

LM:  I’m 4

Me:  Yup, almost 5!

LM:  Almost 5, almost EIGHTEEN!!!!

Me:  *blink, blink* Yeahhhh, sure, Little Man.  Eighteen is an adult.

LM:  I’m going to be a GIANT when I’m eighteen! and ride in cop cars.

Me: Are you going to ride in cop cars or drive the cop car?? *crossing fingers, toes*

LM:  DRIVE them, silly!!!!

Me: *phew!!!* You can be whatever you want to when you’re eighteen!

LM:  I’m almost 5, almost 18, but closer to 8 like Diva A!!  What am I going to be when I’m 8??  I won’t have an attitude, Mommy.

Me:  Thank you, sweetie!  Please don’t grow up to fast, hun.

LM:  Love you, Mom!!! *walk away mumbling about almost 5*

Kids are funny, love the things they come up with. ❤

Lots of love,



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