Say What? Sew what?

{December 27, 2010}   We survived…

Christmas!  It was a perfect day.  The kids were happy with what they got and they all got a ton.  At one point I couldn’t even wade through the living room!  I had to clean up just so I could change Liam’s diaper.  Who was oblivious to the festivities and excitement going around and nursed through half the unwrapping and coo’ed through the rest.

I took the tree down today, but now I feel like a scrooge.  I used to leave the tree up till New Year’s Day, but I got tired of tripping over displaced baby equipment.  So down it went.  Now I got to get it back in its home underneath the stairs.

Well, L is pitching a king sized fit and I cannot remember what I wanted to say!!


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