Say What? Sew what?

{December 21, 2010}   Manic Monday…

Well, not really, but it seemed to be others.  The Monday before Christmas.  But I did a little thrifty shopping today.  Went to Kohl’s first thing and then headed to Goodwill.  And got all this for 32 and change:

2 plastic totes for Diva S and Diva M (They share a room and have thus far shared almost ALL toys, but as they are getting older and it’s Christmas and they’ve been bickering–a special tote for their special new toys); a walking/talking Toy Story Rex; pair of snow boots for Prince S; pr of slacks for stepson; cute red 3/4 sleeve coat for Diva A; Little People’s Noah’s Ark; Xylophone; Little People Dinosaur set; caterpillar toy thing; some toy from Parents; and another toy to stick to a high chair tray or something.  So, yes, I found the beloved (and inexpensive) T-Rex for Prince S!!  And a bunch of baby toys for Liam who was sorely lacking on the Christmas gift front.

I have a feeling my house is going to look like a toy store threw up in here come Christmas morning.  Oh well!!!

So it’s been a successful, thrifty sort of day!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas.


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