Say What? Sew what?

{December 8, 2010}   Lord…

My goodness, I suck.  Obviously I haven’t kept up on my blog. Or my sewing.  This crazy thing called “Life” keeps popping up and taking up all my time.  So I may just start blogging about whatever the heck I want to, not just sewing or crafting or whatever…

Like tonight’s conversation with the oldest diva

A:  Mom?  Do you think 3rd grade is too young for dating? as she’s calmly brushing her hair.

Me:  Uhhhhhhh *think, Jenn, think…where tf is this conversation going* Yeah, you’re only 8. (for Pete’s sake!!!)

A:  Well, J and P are dating.  I heard from so and so, who heard from this one, who…*pay attention, Jenn, this is important to her, don’t zone out…just nod and purse your lips*…who heard from her, so I asked J and he said yes and then I asked P and she said yes.  So J & P are dating!

Me: *oh crap, oh crap.  This must be why she’s moping around the house…she’s liked J since 1st grade.  OH CRAP!* So, honey, is this why you’ve been in a bad mood since you’ve been home?

A:  Ummmm, no, or I don’t think so.  Do you remember G from last year?

Me:  *racking my mind, I don’t but hell I’ll play along* I believe so, why?

A:  He’s really, really cute?

Me:  *Well, f### me, that backfired*  Do you, uh, um, like him?

A:  Yeah, He’s cute and nice…Good night, Mom. Love you…

*Me setting Baby L down to chase her down, she’s 8 for Christ’s Sake!!!  EIGHT!!!!*

She turns around, smiles and says, “Mom, I’m going to wait till I’m in 6th grade to get a boyfriend.”*gee, thanks, kid…that gives me 2.5 years to get my shit together* “How old were you when you started dating, Mom?”

Me:  Uhhhhh, I don’t remember, it’s been so long ago.  *FU### ME I AM SCREWED!!!!!!* Good night, baby and I love you too.

My sweet baby girl, thinks boys. are. cute.  Not gross or full of cooties, but CUTE.  Sigh.  She was excited this morning that the Tooth Fairy came and now boys are cute.  By the way I had my first “boyfriend” in fifth grade, didn’t date till I was 15, etc.  But I was a wild child when I hit 15.  I hope your kids are just like you. Curse, that’s a curse I swear it is.  I’ve heard of her father’s escapades and I know how I was, so I am going to be up shit creek without a paddle.  And I have 3 girls to make it through, along with 2 boys.  I will never have a restful and peaceful night of sleep again.

Dating…I think not.  Wasn’t it, “Will you go with me?” and “Bobby Joe is sooooo fine.”


Lots of love and lock up your kids tight!!  They grow up too fast.


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