Say What? Sew what?

{November 6, 2010}   Christmas…

Christmas is sneaking up on me.  I want to make some homemade gifts this year for  the kids.  I also would like to make it through Thanksgiving without being bombarded by Christmas advertisements and stuff.  It’s rather annoying–Thanksgiving is an important holiday too, but it seems like the money hungry buttheads are trying to overshadow the holiday and get everyone to spend their money on the newest crap.  Crap that will break or be forgotten about within two weeks, or you’ll find on clearance for 1/4 of the price you spent a month later.  I’m starting to ramble, because I find it annoying that I saw Christmas decorations out with the Halloween costumes at the end of August in a store that has a bullseye.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas–the decorations, the smells, the warmth, the amazed looks on the kids’ faces, but I think it shouldn’t be in advertisements at least until Thanksgiving afternoon.  Don’t get me started on Black Friday–made me cry last year over the sheer madness of it all, and most of the toys crap that I bought was forgotten about or broken.

So, the kids will all get at least two sewn gifts from me, along with all our Christmas presents for family/friends shall be homemade with love.  I hope.  I think each kid is going to get a rag doll (even the little dude).  The two youngest divas, I’m going to make fairy/butterfly wings for and the Little Man will get a reversible cape and/or bat wings.  The oldest diva, not sure…she’s getting a tad bit harder to shop for…maybe a purse/case to hold her beloved DSi and games.

As for family, the older nieces shall get a homemade purse/tote bag/back pack thingamajig.  If we get the 5 year old cousin, he’ll get a homemade monster, as with if we draw his 1 yr old brother too.  Not sure though–I have so many ideas reeling around in my head as to what I want to make.  If we get the 2 baby girls, not sure–maybe a rag doll for them too.  Not a damn clue…I’m going to need to make a list.

And my pet project for next year is going to be to take at least one random picture a day–could be the kids, something outside, something inside, but it will be something that sums up the mood for the day or the moment.  I need to make some changes to my blog design, set a siggy for the end of my posts–I sign everything “<3 J” and I’m also thinking about getting some clothing tags made that have that on it too, since I make things with love.

Anywho, I’m rambling now and should be cleaning, doing laundry, dishes, carrying stuff to its proper place.  We started moving bedrooms around a week ago.  Master bedroom went down stairs to the lower level–plenty of room for me, Little Dude and my sewing/craft place (and this will clear all my clutter crap out of the dining room).  Biggest Diva is moving into the actual master suite (8 years old and her own bathroom, my goodness, she’s spoiled) and Little Man is moving into her old room.  The only room that is almost complete is his and according to him it is “AWESOME!”  Diva A’s room is getting there, slowly.  And my room, well it’s just like my life–chaotic mess.

Well, Little Man, Diva M and Diva S are going crazy (i.e., bickering), so I suppose I need to get up and take care of this before it escalates.

Lotsa love and happy sewing (or crafting).



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