Say What? Sew what?

{October 29, 2010}   Halloween

Well, I’ve made 2 costumes this week…One Dorothy and one “Um from Umbridge” from Tim Burton’s Alice.  Dorothy was easy, but the Um costume–never again.  But both Diva M and Diva A were happy with their costumes, so that’s all that matters.  Now I have to make Geo and Milli fro Team Umizoomi for prince s and diva s.

Diva M as Dorothy…

Diva A as Um from Umbridge

Happy Halloween and Happy sewing!


Debra says:

Girl, you are a ROCK. STAR.

I had problems with my seams on a baby blanket last week…your work makes mine look like it was sewn by someone with no arms. AMAZING.

jennb75 says:

Thanks! I use my presser foot as a guide to get straight seams, otherwise they are out of whack! And iron the seams too–creates a more polished finish and supposed “sets” the thread (read that on some quilting blog/tute somewhere).

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