Say What? Sew what?

{July 14, 2010}   The backpack was a hit and a bunch of pictures…

even though if I ever utter, “I think I’ll make a backpack” slap me, please.  Or at least a real backpack.  I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it and I completely made it too hard. But without further ado, here it is

And lined with some recycled whatever it is to stiffen the backpack up and make it cleanable on the inside.

And here’s Diva S from the other day, announcing that she had a baby in her belly just like Mommy

Ta-DA!!!!!!  It’s Pinky-Pie!!!  Now I dance…(yeah, because that’s what all moms do right after giving birth, is dance and twirl 😉 )

And the immature female in me giggled over the sticker on my donut box a few days ago…nope I haven’t seen b.o.b., because if I did I wouldn’t be in this “delicate condition.” LMAO

And speaking of my delicate condition, here is Mr. L in 3D!  Sorry, I cropped all the info out just in case.  Totally awesome and brought a tear to my eye…

On the sewing table currently is a bedspread request by an 11 yr old, a hot pink bedspread with the DC logo (it’s a skateboarding shoe…I had to look it up) in purple.  I have the top done, just need to finish it off for her.

Then:  I have an outfit to make for a 2yr old’s bday party Saturday.  My niece’s baby shower is next weekend and my SIL’s baby shower is the weekend after.  So I must step up to the plate and work on their baby quilts!!!  I figure 3-4 nights/quilt…a night to cut the blocks, a night to sew the blocks and a night to make the quilt sandwich.  I’m going to forgo the binding on these ones (saves me time and tears and pressure on the abdomen).

So I have a full plate for the next 2 wks on the sewing table!!!  After that I do need to make a diaper bag for me and the lil shit.

Lots of love and Happy Sewing!!!!

<3, J


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