Say What? Sew what?

{July 5, 2010}   Late, as usual…

that’s going to describe J’s birthday present.  Sigh.  I had one broken needle, one bent needle and a shitton of tangled threads.  So after 3 hours of trying I have stepped away.  I’m still tired from yesterday (didn’t get home till midnight) and my patience is thoroughly shot.  So, I will finish it up tonight/tomorrow.  I’m completely stepping out of my comfort zone here: zippers, piping, fusible fleece, button holes, oh my…  But I have all the pieces and it’s kind of like a puzzle, how to I fit it all together?

Yesterday was fun at SIL’s; however, I think I stayed way too long.  People were drinking, fireworks were being shot off, kids were cranky, I was tired, etc.  I think I’m still mentally and emotionally drained from trying to maintain my smiling composure from 230 to midnight yesterday.  But that’s all a rant for a different time, I suppose…

It’s hot, too hot.  In the mid 90’s till Friday, which will be (supposedly 83) the next coolest day.  I’ve never hated summer weather before, but I guess being in my last trimester does make it quite miserable.  It’s almost oppressive today and I am so not looking forward to Wed where it will be 96.  I just tell myself to drink plenty of water.  And to mkae sure the kids do too.

Alright, time to slap another game face on…gotta get the kids ready for J’s birthday party.  Kiddie pool and sprinkler fun for them.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have his backpack done.


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