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{July 2, 2010}   What to get my Littles’ BFF??

Our neighbor’s son is turning 4 and his birthday party is Monday.  When I asked his mom what he liked, she answered Toy Story.  Hmmmmm…this little guy is my Littles’ BFF and could possible be a future son-in-law the way Diva M and Diva S fawn over him. 😉 This means I must make him a kick ass gift, so not just any TS toy will do for J.

So, after much deliberation, off the Littles and I went to Joann’s with coupons in hand.  Now I have TS3 fabric, 1″ webbing strap, toggles, strap adjuster thingies, 2 blue zippers and blue piping.  I am going to try to make little J a backpack.  Can I do it??  No clue, but hell I’m going to try!!!  Hopefully this won’t turn into a huge fail, but looking at the miniature, preschool size backpacks the Littles have it shouldn’t be too hard.  Hopefully.  Anyway, it gets me back onto the machine.  I must clean her though, since I’ve sewn a carseat cover and did L’s quilt since I last cleaned it.

Sunday we have his family’s annual BBQ.  I haven’t been to one in 3 years, as we are usually out of town visiting my parents at this time.  HE isn’t going, so I guess I will put the big girls on, slap my game face on and go.  I told him to let me know what was going on and if he wanted the kids this weekend for his family thing, that’s fine with me.  Instead he has our oldest daughter, maybe his older boys and bimbo’s kids and they’re headed to TN.  My baby better come back in one piece.  But anywhooooo, I digress.  I get to make tater salad!!  I have been craving it something fierce for a week now, so now I have a reason to make it.  I called his sister up yesterday and basically invited myself. =) hope I didn’t cross any lines. I know we’re in the process of divorce, so things may get weird here real soon.  I’m about to say if he wants his fam to see the kids, he’s in charge of that.  Stresses me out and now even more, I don’t need to get twittered around behind my back or to be compared to the bimbo. Sigh…another rant on another day.

Sooooo, I get to make a back pack and potato salad within the next few days!  I may also throw a batch of chili in for a friend who had an unfortunate “incident” with a crow bar upside his head. I.e., drunk and stupid men…

The wheels are turning in my head for this backpack escapade.  the piping scares me, but why not…Hmmmmm, the ideas are coming a mile a minute!!!!  Hopefully when I next come back it will be with a success!


Carrie says:

I think J will LOVE a Toy Story backpack. Good luck with the IL’s. I wouldn’t be so kind given that he isn’t at all worried about them seeing each other. Also, you can subscribe to your blog with the email subscription thing on the sidebar. I did. 🙂

jennb75 says:

Yay!! Hey! I added the subscription widget yesterday, Jennie sent me a text asking about it. Sweet!! The IL’s will hopefully be fine, it was alright when I threw the girls their bday party. Have a fabulous Fourth of July weekend!!! 🙂

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