Say What? Sew what?

{June 15, 2010}   Taking it easy

is easier said than done; however, after last Tuesday’s scary ordeal I will definitely be taking it easy.  I’m not on bed rest, just pelvic rest.  I was told to lay low–take it easy.  Rest often and don’t push myself.  Nothing strenuous.  Today L and I checked out fine, no change.  I will be on Procardia till I deliver the little bugger.  Going in every 2 weeks now.

Next Wednesday I get to have another ultrasound and consult with the perinatologist to discuss my thyroid and affects on the boy.  Sigh…bright side is I get to see him every 4 weeks!!!  They pushed me taking the 3 hour test, because I failed the 1 hour.  I barely made it through the 1 hour with that sugar drink (which doesn’t taste bad), now I have to fast and then sit for 3 hours.  F me.

But I can sew.  I just have to take it easy–no hours and hours behind the pedal at a time, but it is nice that I can sew.


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