Say What? Sew what?

{June 10, 2010}   No sewing for a while…

I went into preterm labor yesterday afternoon and was admitted for the night.  Thank God they stopped the contractions, but it was scary as hell.

Woke up feeling bloated and just attributed it as gas (the glamorous side of pregnancy) and went about my day as normal.  Took Diva S and Prince to their pre-k assessment and then took Diva M to breakfast and then we both hit up Once Upon A Child and she helped me pick out some outfits for L.  Got the littles picked up from pre-k and came home for lunch.  Fixed us all pb&j’s and around 1ish my back start hurting, so I hooked them up with some PBS kids in the back, made sure all their drinks were full, chugged a ton of water and laid on the couch for a nap.  Woke up right before 3 feeling worse and about 330 noticed the pain was actually coming in waves and felt the waves in 6-8 minute intervals.

I hit panic mode and found sitters for the kids and drove in to L&D.  I got there right before 5 and told them “I am 28 wks and having contractions.”  They got me right into an observation room and hooked me to a monitor.  Next thing I knew I had an IV an my arm and they were giving me a shot.  I hadn’t even been examined or in the computer yet.  I answered all my inpatient questions at the same time I was being examined.  They then told me my contractions were not 6-8 minutes apart, but they were actually piggybacking themselves, I was 1cm, but the cervix was thick.  I got another Brethrin (?) shot along with 2 procardia’s.  After the second IV bag and 3rd shot we started discussing the use of magnesium sulfide to stop my contractions and then it went on to if that didn’t work they would send me over to another hospital with a better equipped NICU.

So the decision was made to start me on magnesium and admit me.  After they got me settled into a room and back on monitors after 45 minutes the dr decided to hold off the magnesium as they were still slowing down and not spiking as bad.  So they kept me on an IV drip and Procardia every 6 hours.  At 6 am the dr said I could be released, but I was on pelvic rest and on Procardia every 6 hrs.  So I had to up my liquids and I have a follow up on Monday to see how things are going (or hopeully not going).  So, no sewing for me for a while, as I have to stay on the couch the majority of the time and keep pressure off my abdomen.


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