Say What? Sew what?

{June 4, 2010}   I did it!!!

I officially have my Associates in Business Admin!!!!  And I did it all myself, granted they were on line classes, but that crap was hard and I do seem to be an over achiever, but I did it!  Monday I start another round of classes though for my Bachelor’s Degree.  Something to cross off my bucket list, I finally have a degree in something!!

Proud Mommy Moment:  A’s last day was Tuesday, and as I mentioned in my last post, had an awards ceremony.  Well she won her class’s Citizenship Award (one goes to a boy and one to a girl) for “Positive Attitude and Willingness to Help Others.”  I am so proud of her!!  Her report card was fabulous, she met or exceeded everything for her grade level.  I’m going to have to work with her a bit on some of her math and reading comp, but she has vastly improved.  I am very glad she got the award and she was beyond happy when she saw that her father and I were able to make it there.  She was also tickled to death when I popped my head into her classroom for a few minutes.  She got to introduce me and she answered questions about the baby and the family.  Her grin that was ear to ear was well worth having to sit there with her father.

Sewing related:  I did cut out all the blocks for L’s baby quilt and I have 4 rows of 8 already sewn.  It’s actually fast when you’re sewing basic blocks together.  Then comes the fun part of sewing the rows together making sure everything matches up.  But I’m sewing the blocks in rows, then ironing them and the seams and then I will sew the rows together.

On a funny note, nothing better than going to a “fun” party when you’re 6 and half months pregnant! =) Oh well, needed to get some body spray since I can’t stand cologne/perfume and also some of the fabulous numbing gel that is a life saver for teething kids.  I also got a lavender spray for the pillows to help us all go to sleep.  So I basically bought supplies for the fam.  Oh well, it works–may be unconventional, but it works!!!

Well, happy sewing and lotsa love!!!



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