Say What? Sew what?

{June 1, 2010}   Working the nerve up…

Well, I tried to install the zipper into A’s dress (that was supposed to be for her bday, but ummmm the machine was totally not having it) and somehow managed to install the $*&#ing thing wrong…twice.  So, I calmly waded it up gently, stuck it in between the table and the wall (my I better get it out of my sight before I snap spot), turned the machine off, cleaned it and the sewing table top.  Put away pattern for said dress and walked away.

Now I am stalling cutting into Little dude’s fabrics for his baby quilt.  Really I don’t know why.  All fabric is prewashed, folded neatly and set to the side waiting for a quick iron to smooth out any wrinkles.  I have a new rotary mat, quilting square guides and new blades for the pizza blade of death.  (Thank you, Joann’s, for your Memorial Day Sale and coupons!!)  I know it wouldn’t take any time to cut out the blocks for his quilt, or my neices’ quilts.  But for some reason I find it hard to hack into an uncut piece of yardage (once it’s cut into, all bets are off), I do this every time I have to cut into new fabric.

I can go plug the iron in now.  Now I have to decide if I want to do 4″squares for Little Dude’s or 6″ ones.  Decisions, decisions.

Lots of love and happy sewing!!!

P.S. Lots of positive thoughts going to my friends too who are going through some rough times.


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