Say What? Sew what?

{June 1, 2010}   blocks

are cut.  I now have 56 6.5″ blocks, 8 of each fabric (7 different ones) for Little Dude.  Done, all while I was on the phone lamenting to my friend about the SD.  Seems like a lot, but I think I did my math right to make it approximately 42 x 48.  Eh, if not, I’ll “make it work.”  only took me 10 min of ironing and half hour or so of cutting, thanks to the pizza cutter of death (I did have to stop and compose myself a couple times before I took of the tips of my fingers).

I’m trying to decide if I should just forge ahead on his or go ahead and cut my niece’s squares out.  Toughie, because now I want to start tomorrow night and have the quilt top done this week.  I also have 2 other surprise quilts that I decided to undergo at the last minute, their fabrics are in the dryer going through the dreaded prewash so I can spend an hour detangling and clipping all the damn frays.

I’m getting excited!  I have plenty of fabric left over from the quilt to make burp clothes, taggie blankets and maybe some small lovies.

Tomorrow A has her awards ceremony at school and her teacher made a point to leave me a voice mail message that said, “Between you and me, you will want to be there for the ceremony on Tuesday at 930.”  O.M.G.  Is she getting an award??  Does her teacher think she needs someone there because of all the crap going on??  I know she’s got darn near perfect attendance for the year…but her teacher made a point to call me to tell me I should be there!!!  I’m excited!!!  Camera is charging as I type.  She didn’t really know anything about the ceremony when I asked, she just shrugged and said, “I guess.”  So I didn’t even mention I was going to be going.  I had a sitter lined up for the 3 Littles within 15 minutes of getting that message!!  I will update tomorrow, even if it is nothing or attendance, I am proud of her for holding up her grades as well as she has this year…so either way in my book she’s a winner!!!!


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