Say What? Sew what?

{May 25, 2010}   Ugh…

it seems I’ve missed placed my sewing mojo.  It seems life, the pregnancy and school work all have it out for me.  I did start Alyssa’s dress and it’s waiting for the zipper to get put in and to be hemmed; however, it just sits there.  Life is just catching up to me I think too.  I end every day emotionally, physically and mentally drained.  I know I need to do better time management, but It seems like I can’t.  Thursday was A’s birthday and she was so excited to be turning 8.  This Thursday is M’s last day of pre-k, we’re going to have a birthday party for the two sometime this weekend, June 1 is A’s last day and then the 4th is M’s 5th birthday.  Starting June 7 for two weeks the boy and S will be attending pre-k to be evaled for their speech to see if they need to have any IE.

I went yesterday for a prenatal checkup.  All is going well, but tomorrow I have a consult with a perinatologist.  Sigh…they want to keep an eye on L’s growth during the last trimester because of my hyperactive thyroid.  They said it’s just a precautionary measure, dotting i’s and crossing t’s but it still makes my heart skip a beat knowing that I’m seeing a specialist now.  He did kick the doppler off my stomach twice yesterday, I even warned the midwife that he hates pressure and true to form, he wiggled and squirmed and kicked.

I will get back into sewing, I just need to find the mojo.


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