Say What? Sew what?

{May 5, 2010}   I am embarassed.

of all the fabrics, sheets and clothes I’ve hoarded for the past 2-3 years waiting for inspiration to hit.  Tonight I started at my sewing table and then moved onto the basket o’ crap in my room and the top shelf and box of remanents in the laundry room.  I have 3 bags of scraps and unwanted materials to drop at GW, and I still have 5 shelves of shit to go through.  But, What I’ve sorted through is folded neatly and sorted by color…so pretty.

I may post pictures of it when I’m done, if I’m not too embarassed to.  I got sick of looking at my sewing area being so cluttered and I have a bunch of projects to get done in the next 3-4 months, so I wanted to be able to organize it all so I could work better.  Semi accomplished today is how I feel.  But I will get it done.

Happy sewing and cleaning!!


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