Say What? Sew what?

{May 2, 2010}   Sigh…

The boy is sick…again.  I get a call at 11 am this morning from his father that I needed to meet him somewhere to pick the kids up, boy was ready to come home.  He then tells me he is running a fever and yells at me when I ask if it’s a high fever or lowgrade…(“I don’t have anything to take his ***** temp with!)  Thanks, I was just asking so I can get a feel for what’s going on as he was getting over an upper respiratory infection. Sigh…then he yells at me because I have no idea where I am going…sorry, I don’t know where your new tramp lives.  My guess is he didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to deal with it.  So I get the boy and Diva M and he’s yelling at M already and such (Welcome to my world, she is very hard headed).

Boy has been sleeping off and on since we got home over 6 hours ago.  I checked his temp around 2, lowgrade, so I gave him motrin and went ahead and gave him a breathing treatment since he said his chest hurt.  Made him drink some water.  I then send the father a text asking how long his eyes have been that red and he said he didn’t know…sigh.  Kids’ eyes are windows, they let you know when they’re happy, sad, sick, etc.  I know they were puffy and red when we made the exchange because the first thing I noticed before I kissed his forehead.

So, more than likely I will be making a phone call to the pedi in the morning to get my boy in.  He was pointing at all his sinus cavities when I asked what hurt, so he may have a sinus infection.  I also found out that where he was a cat lives and I know myself and my dad are really allergic to cats.  My limit is 2 or 3 hours in a house with a cat so long as I don’t touch it, so if Prince is like that and he was there 2 days, Lord only knows if he is and it exacerbated his allergies and upper resp infection.

Just another day in life of being a Mommy.


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