Say What? Sew what?

{April 29, 2010}   It’s a….

BOY!!!!  Sometime late August/early September, I will be welcoming another prince into the world.  He measured right along with his gestational age, but he had some long legs.  Given my body stature it’s not a surprise.  His heart beat was 139, he weighed approximately 1lb, 2 oz and was fabulous to actually be able to see.  He was madder than an old wet hen at being pushed and shoved into different directions, throwing his hands over his head several times.  It was great!  I’m so excited and I have all these ideas going through my head as to what to make for him now.  I need to make a list and prioritize it since I’m making my niece and SIL baby items too.  First order of business is to do the baby quilts.  Second, the carseat covers…those shouldn’t take long.  Then move on down the list…Ack this is sew (sic) exciting!!!

Oops, but I must make my oldest Diva the dress I promised and my son some pj’s with the motorcycle fabric he picked out.  LOL!!!

Happy Sewing and Lots of Love!!


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