Say What? Sew what?

{April 27, 2010}   Parenting…

sucks sometimes.  We went to a birthday party Sunday at the neighbors for their 1 yr old’s bday.  When I was downstairs talking with other adults, my oldest was sent to find me because she would not help pick up all the toys with all the other kids that were there.  My dear friend said she was really rude.  When I talked to her about it, she rolled her eyes and such at me, so she is currently electronic free–no tv, no computer and no DS.  WELL, this morning my friend called and said there had been a fish tank incident.  Someone had dumped a whole bottle of fish food into the tank in her son’s room.  Her mother told her that she had walked in to find my oldest and my son standing there with an empty bottle of fish food, but didn’t want to say anything as to not ruin the party.  Well the tank is a loss.  I ask my son, who’s 4, did you feed J’s fishies?  “No” and a wtf are you talking about look.  But as I was buckling him in the van when we were leaving the store he said”Big issa fed the fish alot.”  When Diva M (aka, little issa) got off the bus (almost 5), I asked her if she fed the fish.  She told me just a bit and informed me that Diva A  (the oldest, Big ‘issa, and will be 8 in 3 wks) had fed the fish.  So now, my aggravation level at my oldest has hit the roof…I called my friend back to tell her that an 8 yr old will be coming by to clean her fish tank and will also be purchasing J some new fish.  She then informs me exactly how badly my oldest child behaved towards her and her mother.

I have had a major problem with her attitude since she stayed with her father Easter weekend.  HUGE problems with it.  I do know that there are two preteen girls that live there and she had told me before that they were mean to their little brother when I was talking out loud to myself wondering why Diva M (who had went with her that weekend) was behaving so meanly to her little brother and sister.  My oldest told me that M was acting just how the two girls had acted.  So that went away after a few days with M; however, A’s attitude has escalated since then.  I am at a loss as of what to do about it.  If I talk to the father, he will get all defensive and say it’s my fault she has such a huge attitude and that I should’ve kept a better eye on her at the party.  I wouldn’t have expected my oldest to do something like that!  Especially at someone’s house and I would’ve expected if she accidentally overfed the fish she would tell someone.  But I have taught her that she needs to not touch other people’s property and if she makes a mistake own up to it.  The attitude, short of giving her an old fashion attitude adjustment, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t let her get away with it at home, I’m constantly on her ass about it and like I said she’s grounded from all electronics until further notice…I’ve had heart to heart discussions with her about it.  I don’t know what else to do.

What to do, what to do…


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