Say What? Sew what?

{April 27, 2010}   Killing time…

UGH!!!!  25 hours till my ultrasound so I can see my baby!!!!  The suspense is killing me.  I need to calm down, Little B is all over the place this morning, moving and stretching.  It kicks at pressure now and does NOT like being poked.

Time is going by so slllloooowwwwllyyyyyyy.  Now I remember what it was like as a kid waiting for your birthday party.  I want to go to the fabric store and start shopping, but I need to wait.  So far the count for the new additions to the family are 2 girls.  I will be making a baby quilt, matching taggy/lovey, diaper bag (McCalls 4403), car organizer and carseat cover for my niece and SIL.  For my child, maybe all the above and then some?

Sigh…I need to go to the store, I need to get a few things…the necessaties–t.p., milk, bread, fruit, etc.  I also want to look to see if they have old style pampers without the drymax, so I won’t have to worry about diaper rashes and chemical burns.  If not, I guess my newborn will be in Huggies for the first few months.  A Pamper diaper will not be touching my child’s bottom, we all have really sensitive skin so the thought of putting a dipe on my child that has caused such rashes and chemical burns on other children turns my stomach.

Well, crap.  Not much time wasted on this post!  Maybe I will start on Diva A’s summer dress I promised her…I need more freezer paper I do believe though to trace the pattern.  I refuse to cut into the multi-sized commercial patterns, so I trace them and then make any sizing adjustments that make be needed.

Oh heck…the natives are restless.

Happy sewing and lots of love.


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