Say What? Sew what?

{April 23, 2010}   No sewing, but

…I did go to Hancock Fabrics’ Earth Day sale this morning and got seven patterns for 99 cents each.  One I have no clue why I bought it, but it’s a beautiful adult costume (reminds me of Marie Antoinette) and it’s a $20 pattern normally, so I figured why not.  One day one of my kids may be in drama or something and need a costume of that era.  Or maybe one day I will decide I need a dress fit for the queen of my castle.  McCalls actually had patterns that were sized for my oldest diva who is in a 10/12!  So I got a sundress pattern and a jumper pattern to do for her.  I love the jumpers, they seem so versatile depending on fabric used, very fall, winter and spring.  The two younger divas got patterns for jumpers also and peasant blouses.  I got a sling pattern for Little B and then a diaperbag pattern with car organizer thingy to make for my niece and SIL.  Prince was upset, so I grabbed a 2.99 pj pattern and told him I’d make him some jammies.  That placated him for the moment.  Also picked up fusible interfacing at 77 cents, ribbons that were 99 cent a spool, 2 grab bags of ribbon pieces for taggy lovies for the 3 bundles of joy and some fabric from the remenant bin.

I had 2 group projects due last week that were a huge SNAFU, no one else seemed to want to do the work till midnight Saturday when they were do midnight Sunday and I got A’s on both!!!  YAYAYAYA!!!!

I think my 4 yr old Prince may be teething!!!  WTFudge…  He’s been screeching and sick and I thought he may have had blisters in his mouth but on a second look there was swelling behind both top and bottom molars.  His symptoms fit for teething, runny nose, coughing, slight fever, etc….shit, I didn’t’ even think that was a possibility!!!!  But google to the rescue and yes, kids get permanent molars at around 6yrs old, but they can come in early!!!  Crud…teething, not ready for that yet.

Well, Project Runway is on and it’s the finale.

Happy Sewing and Lotsa Love!


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