Say What? Sew what?

{April 22, 2010}   Score!!

Huge score today!!!  I found an ad on Craigslist for 79 vintage patterns for $15!!!  Yup folk, FIFTEEN BUCKS!!!!  Happy Dance!!  Some of them haven’t even been cut or unfolded!!!  Dates seem to range from 67-80!  When I get a few moments, I will start sorting through them and see which ones are complete, etc.  (I have a sinus headache right now and can’t seem to stare at things for too long with out getting shooting pains).

I made a 20min skirt last night.  Took a 99cent thrifted skirt 2 sizes too big, cut off the too huge waist band (and scratchy material) and added a 3″elastic waist band to wear during my pregnancy.  Fits well, but it is really gathered and makes me look a tad wide.  However, it does make me look like I have a butt and hips…so I must decide if it’s something I’ll be wearing or not.

I’ll be making 3 tie shirts for my dear friend.  She asked me to do one for her two sons and one for a really close friend of her’s daughter.  So we went through the stash and found the perfect material.  I need to prewash the white tees I bought yesterday and then whip them out for Sunday’s birthday event!

My niece is having a girl!  She found out 2 days ago and my SIL finds out tomorrow, and last as always I will find out in a week.  I have so many ideas for baby stuff!  But then I realized I need to rein that in for a few weeks and make Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and Teacher Appreciation Day (or week–that part confuses me).  I have 1 2nd grade teacher and my Pre-K’er has 3 teachers.  So I must figure out what to make or craft up…

Well, crap…Idol is butchering one of my all time favorite songs “Stairway to Heaven.”  I must change this…it’s a classic. Why don’t they do “Freebyrd” while they’re at it…Effers.

Happy Sewing and Lots of Love!!


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