Say What? Sew what?

{April 14, 2010}   WOW!!!

3 projects in 24 hours…on a roll!!  I made Diva S a little skirt too.  Didn’t take pics along the way and I should’ve used a 2″ elastic for the waist, not 3″–it’s a bit too big for her frame…might work for Diva A or myself though.

But take your 2″ elastic cut to your child’s waist size, sew ends together with zig zag stitch.  Set to the side.  I took a 9″ strip of fabric (selvage to selvage) and a 6″ strip of contrasting fabric (selvage to selvage again).  My fabric was the standard 44″ width cotton fabric.

I took the 6″ strip of fabric, folded it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, ironed the shit out of it.  Opened it up and ironed a 1/2″  on both long sides…now it kinda looks like a piece of 2″ double folded bias tape or blanket edging.  Wish I would’ve taken pictures…Then I starched it and ironed it back shut, so the edges would be crisp and straight. I hate doing hems, I always get them all wonky and such….

I put the 9″ strip into the now 2″ rigged binding thingamabubby, 1/2″ into it.  Pin and top stitch.  I sewed about 1/4″ from the edge of the binding to make sure I caught both sides.

Now fold strip in half and sew the short side shut, serge it, zig zag it, press it open–whatever your choice of finishing a hem it, your good.

Do whatever your preferred method of gathering is on the raw top edge.  Make sure it’s the same length as your elastic circle, attach it to edge of your elastic circle. Ummmm, I made sure I had the skirt right side out and pinned the edge of the elastic to it (pinned the hell out of it as I still haven’t gotten down the knack of the long stitch gathering method, nor do I own a handy dandy ruffle foot–with 3 girls it may be a wise investment, huh?).  Anywho, I digress.  I zigzag stitched the elastic to the skirt.  Flip waist band up, trim all loose threads off, give it a good shake and chase down the kid you made it for….really wish I would’ve taken pictures.  Maybe I’ll make one for me.  The above measurements for the fabric are for my 3 yr old diva who is in a 4T.

Finished Product:


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