Say What? Sew what?

{April 14, 2010}   Two done!

Well, I finished King A’s crown for his birthday, his big brother will be taking his pictures, so I wanted to have his crown finished for the pictures!  Prince told me he needed skulls on the reverse side.  I used tutorial to help make the crown!  It was really easy and probably would have gone quicker without the umpteen million interruptions I had.  As soon as I was finished I rushed it over to my neighbor’s house so she could see her King’s crown.  She loved it and it matches his birthday onesie fabulously!

Little King A's crown for his first birthday!

And then last night, pondering Diva M’s sudden acts of defiance (she’s almost 5), I decided that she needed a great new skirt to cheer her up and make her happy!  Not sure if it’s the age, what’s going on in our personal lives (thanks there, jack butt), or a combination of both.  However, I decided what almost 5 year old doesn’t love a cheery, pink skirt with a nice pocket to carry her things around in!  I used MADE’s market skirt tute ( and Made by Rae’s pleated pocket tute ( with a few minor adjustments (coordinating prints, instead of white bands; lengthened the main skirt body as M is taller than 2T; and tried to make the pocket smaller for a young child).  Anxiously awaiting my Diva M to return from preschool so she can see her own brand new skirt!!!

Now I must figure out what to make the other 2 divas and the prince, so they won’t feel left out.

Happy Sewing and Lotsa love!!!



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