Say What? Sew what?

{April 12, 2010}   The big One!

Two of my closest friends have boys that are turning one.  J is actually turning one in 2 days (I believe, I must make that phone call to ask) and I have decided that both of them need crowns fit for them to rule their kingdom.  I’m going to make them reversible, with a “1” on one side and their initial on the other side.  And I must also decide what else to make along with their birthday crown…I was thinking about going into the realm of sock monkeys as opposed to my usual monster I make for the yungins….not sure yet.

But I am also staring out at the field that is known as my front yard (it’s not really that big, it’s just overgrown), everyone else on the block worked diligently on their yards this beautiful weekend while I ignored it.  Well, I didn’t really ignore it, I would have mowed; however, the lawnmower blew its engine last year and is now a lovely Kentucky decoration in the back yard.  Soooo, in my defense I didn’t get it done due to not having the proper equipment and that I’m going to be half way thru this pregnancy in 2 days!  I’m trying to get a hold of a friend who lives up the road to borrow his mower, but it’s a good old fashioned push mower and there is no way I will make it up the hill in the back this year, but I figured I could do the front, and half the back and ask one of his boys to possibly do the hill.  The kids are jonesing to run outside in the grass, but we have dandilions and weed flowers attracting all the lovely stinging insects and I know that 1 of my kiddos is allergic to them and has to get steroid shots to offset the allergic reaction.

Well, I’m rambling…the birds are chirping, the sun is out and I hear the train rolling through town!

Lots of love and happy sewing!


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