Say What? Sew what?

{March 30, 2010}   it worked

A new bobbin worked, at least for now.  I have the main pieces sewn and am waiting on the iron to heat up so I can start piecing it together.  Diva A should be happy when she gets home from school then.  I was going to sew them matching jackets for their dresses; however, between school work, machine issues, personal issues and life I have decided to forgo the jackets and save the rest of the bright pink material for another project.  The weather is supposed to be in the high 70’s Sunday, and besides, realistically, how often would they wear their jackets??  Plus Prince has asked where his “Easter Dress” is.  I told him he was a boy and he is not getting a dress.  But I quickly told him before his 4 yr old meltdown began that I will add a tie to one of his t-shirts (I pulled out of the trash pile, it has a big chocolate milk stain down the front) and he smiled and promptly pointed at some blue skull material and said, “With that?”  Ummmm…skulls on Easter??  However, the look of joy and hope in his eyes made me melt and I told him whatever he wanted.  It’s a tie appliqué and he’s 4.  I let the divas pick their material out, so I suppose it’s only fair that I let Prince express his individuality and it’s totally rocking!  That’s my boy.

Back to work, lots o’ love and happy sewing!


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