Say What? Sew what?

{March 7, 2010}   I’m back in the saddle again!

Success, or at least I think so.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. A friend of mine asked me to come up with a gift for a 2 year old girl that was funky and earthy, but not too girly.  The child loves Yo Gabba Gabba.  Think. Think. Think.  A messenger bag!  I made one for my 4 yr old son to carry his cars in, based on mmmcrafts’ tutorial ( So, I racked my brain.  A trip to Goodwill to find just the right materials.  I found one child’s hoodie with orange terry fuzz in the hood and one earthy green silk skirt.  Then rummaging thru my stash at home, I found one prom skirt that was a peachy orangy pinky color that would be perfect.  So here’s the before and after.  My machine and I had an argument last night and I had to step away, but I cleaned it today and now we’re back on each other’s good sides.

close up at the materials

the bag

The inside, four pockets for whatever her little heart desires.

back pocket with the sequins from the bottom hem of the skirt

Now what to sew next??  I have to do 2 birthday crowns for upcoming first birthdays for friends…  I also think I’m going to do a black and white with red accent type of baby quilt for my Little B.  I’m kind of tired of seeing overtly girl and overtly boyish stuff, so I want something a little different.

Well off to bed now!  I cannot wait to hear how the little girl likes her bag.

Lots of love!


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