Say What? Sew what?

{February 28, 2010}   Lazy Days.

yeah right!

Diva A was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates, and since I have taken her all over the tristate area for preschool birthday parties I figured she was entitled to a few hours by herself (i.e., no mom or preschoolers) at the party. She was considerate enough to get goodie bags for the other 3 children. I quickly removed the kazoos and yoyo’s, potentially damaging to my ear drums and to other children devices.
While she was doing her 2nd grader thing, I stopped by a dear friend’s house, so Diva M, Diva S and Prince could have a playdate and I could scavenge…she scored huge from her mother in law! Her MIL dropped of almost all her crafting supplies! She went through it last night and got what she wanted and welcomed me to pilfer through the rest. I was a kid in a candy shop! Stamps! Dodads that I have no idea what they were. Diva A will have a caniption fit when she sees the jewelry making stuff! I thought I was going to die when I saw it, so I can just imagine how my ultra-girly, foofy, flouncy diva is going to react when she sees it.
Once home from said birthday party and “playdate,” I did two algebra homework assignments that are due tomorrow night. I have one late assignment to complete and also a test to do before midnight tomorrow. So, do I finish drafting Diva A and Diva M’s Easter dress patterns, or do I do the responsible thing and get my homework done on time? Or do I go through my newly found crafty goodies??? Sigh, Decisions, decisions.
All I know is while all 4 are up and at ’em, I will get absolutely nothing done.


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